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WWE SmackDown News | Roman Reigns prepares to payback on Corbin's humiliation

Updated On: Thu Dec 12, 2019 By Anfostar Team


Here is the final caption of smackdown episode before we get around to the big fall of TLC. Last week King Corbin went on promising his words for what was done to say. He humiliated Roman Reigns by covering the dogs' food on him as well as binding with the ring post. This hatch was seemingly trapped by the conspiracy of Dolf Ziggler and King Corbin. This is the first time ever with Roman Reigns that someone has let him down like this.

Now The Big Dog is ready to have some payback with King Corbin just before they ambush each other on the latest winter episode of TLC Which will be streaming live on Dec. 15.

Now The Big Dog is ready to be unchained. King Corbin lived up to the expectations of his promise to humiliate Roman between the rivalry streaming on. But he has put Roman even into a more likely complex path

The question erects here that will Roman be able to counter back from the heinous attack of King Corbin or Corbin continues to dominant on him

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