WWE SmackDown News | Roman sends a message to King Baron Corbin for the TLC match

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 14, 2019
WWE SmackDown News | Roman sends a message to King Baron Corbin for the TLC match
While addressing the audience about how humiliated Roman Reigns, meanwhile he also took the name of New Day which brought The New day on the stage saying that 'somebody said The New Day'.? Big E and Kofi commenced the words joking at Dolph Ziggler which inraged him. After that Corbin Waged moments saying that you lost to Brock Lasner within 8 seconds. Kofi turned the talk saying Corbin did have a heck of a 2019 but "I won the title at WrestleMania and for nearly 6 months he defended that title and beat anyone who stepped up, including Ziggler!!"

Kofi slapped Corbin to the mouth and fans chanted "one more time!. On replying to this humiliation Corbin said that if you want to step up in the locker room and be a leader like Reigns, "then he will get humiliated like Reigns". Corbin headed toward the exit. Later they had their matched fixed for the exclusive between Kofi Kingstone Vs King Baron Corbin.

The match started with the hearing of the ring but the conspiracy between Dolph and King lead the contest to no-result. Dolph attempted to distract Koffi to make their way out to win the match but Kofi was accompanied by Big E. and thus the rivalry began. Eventually, the match was called out when Dolph attacked at Big E out to the ring where Corbin also joined him to beat down Big E. Both teams started taking a brawl at ringside and the referees ran down to break them up. After applying big clothesline to Ziggler Big E entered the ring to call out to them for a tag-team match. and the challenge was turned in the favor.

Everything was fixed to be on the rock but it was another try to humiliate Koffi as King handcuffed him to the ring post as they did same to Roman Reigns The Revival instantly appeared at ringside and launched Shatter Machine on Big E.

The wait was over to the fans as Roman came down to the ring dashing down everyone who came in his way. He forced King, The Revival and Dolph to leave the ring and freed away Kofi to the chain. He stood tall on the Ladder to send a message to King Corbin for the TLC Match

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