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WWE SmackDown November 29, 2019 | New Day Announced an open challenge for WWE tag team championship

Updated On: Sat Nov 30, 2019 By Anfostar Team


New Day made it official when they proceeded to the ring, New Day called the bluff for WWE tag team championship and in order to reply that back came it Shinsuke, Sami Zyan and Cisaro.

With the instant time of the fact, Nakamura and Cesara were suggested to accept the challenge and the match got into a reality. Sami Zyan was right down there to draw away and make them sense 3 on 2. The match was potentially terrifying for New Day because of the electrifying distraction from Semi Zyan.

Nakamura and Cisaro were progressively and Effectively dominating on New Day. Later something went in the favor of New Day when Semi came in an attacking action with a plate of food but that was too distant as referee eyed on him and rusticated him from there. Within that closest line, New Day retained their Tag team championship against Nakamura and Cisaro. And with this match, Smackdown went off the air.

WWE Smackdown

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