WWE SmackDown Preview Aug. 7, 2020: Predictions, Match Card, Spoilers

Jitendra Jangir Fri Aug 07, 2020
WWE SmackDown Preview Aug. 7, 2020: Predictions, Match Card, Spoilers
Last week 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt was unleashed and takes out Alexa Bliss. He’s The Face that Runs the Place, and AJ Styles proved it once again against Gran Metalik in a Title match last week on Friday Night SmackDown.

It’s Big E’s time to shine. The New Day member didn’t ease into his solo run, as he faced one of the most accomplished Superstars of the last decade in a battle with The Miz. Elsewhere, King Corbin defeated Drew Gulak in a singles action.

Naomi made an impressive defeating Lacey Evans in singles action. Bayley defeated Nikki Cross – SmackDown Woman’s Championship Match. One of the most interesting parts of the night was of The Fiend coming out in the ring to disrupt Alexa Bliss.

Now, we gonna major upon something that's coming up next this Friday Night on SmackDown. This week we surely be getting un update on Mandy Rose's condition or maybe a stern action taken by Mandy Rose. The second we are taking it for sure, will be the appearance from Braun Strowman in order to address the WWE Universe over Alexa Bliss's attack. This will be the point for WWE to kick off their feud or WWE might go on to set up their match at SummerSlam.

As for the announced schedule, Bray Wyatt will appear with Firefly Fun House after the attack on Alexa Bliss. Sonya Deville will join “The Dirt Sheet”. Matt Riddle to collide with Sheamus, King Baron Corbin Vs. Jeff Hardy to happen tonight.

Qucik Shots

=>Bray Wyatt To appear with Firefly Fun House

=>Sonya Deville to join “The Dirt Sheet”

=>Matt Riddle to collide with Sheamus

=>King Baron Corbin Vs. Jeff Hardy to happen tonight


Bray Wyatt heads back to The Firefly Fun House after attack on Alexa Bliss, Braun Strowman possibly appears to address Alexa Bliss's attack

After the shocking conclusion to last week’s SmackDown, Bray Wyatt will return for an all-new edition of “The Firefly Fun House.” Last week's Friday Night SmackDown happened to be with more returns including Mandy Rose, Otis, Sonya Deville, and The Fiend. Sonya Deville and The Fiend emerged out with horrendous fashion that you have ever seen on SmackDown.

Last week on SmackDown Nikki Cross fought off in a SmackDown Women's Title match against Bayley. Nikki Cross did not find her match with the championship as Bayley retained the title with 1,2,3 counts.

After the match, Alexa Bliss checked out Nikki Cross, we saw Nikki Cross was much disappointed after her loss to Bayley. Nikki Cross shoved Alexa Bliss and went out of the ring.

Alexa Bliss was still in the shock, suddenly, the light went off pointing out The Fiend's appearance. we pointed our sight on Alexa Bliss with The Fiend appearing from behind. Alexa Bliss was totally scared and what happened next was unbelievable. The Fiend treated Alexa Bliss with Mandible Claw as SmackDown went off the air.

This week Braun Strowman will be returning on SmackDown to respond Bray Wyatt over Alexa Bliss's attack. This could even be the end for the Universal Title match at SummerSlam between both the superstars.

Sonya Deville to join “The Dirt Sheet”

This got to be one of the most brutal attacks that Mandy Rose ever suffered being in WWE. Sonya Deville snapped on Mandy Rose with a disturbing backstage attack.

So what happened, We were backstage with Otis and Mandy Rose taking about at special reservation. They both split in order to get ready as Sonya Deville staring at them. Back from the break, As Mandy Rose was preparing with Makeup. Suddenly, Sonya Deville with attack to dash Mandy down. Sonya Deville did not stop here. Sonya Deville went on to chop off Mandy Rose's hair.

Sonya Deville took the machine in order to save her, but the official came out to make the save. Sonya left from there saying she got what she wanted. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose segment got intense. This might be an indication of Mandy Rose Vs. Sonya Deville at SummerSlam. Maybe in the most unique match just like we got to witness An Eye For An Eye Match.

The always engaging “Dirt Sheet” brings in one of the most controversial Superstars on the blue brand, as Sonya Deville will join The Miz & John Morrison this Friday. What will Deville have to say following her brutal attack last week?

Matt Riddle Vs. Sheamus

Last week King Corbin defeated Drew Gulak. After the match, Matt Riddle ran down into the ring attacking King Corbin. Matt Riddle took some rough shots on King Corbin. We saw Shorty G walking down into the ring and he made German Suplex on Matt Riddle to make the save for King Corbin. It looked that Shorty G joined King Corbin.

This Friday Night On SmackDown matt Riddle will test his skills against Sheamus. Can Riddle score another statement victory in his early run on SmackDown? Or will Sheamus quell his hot start?

Jeff Hardy Vs. King Baron Corbin

Last week The Charismatic Enigma addressed the WWE Universe, Corbin disrespectfully entered to dampen Hardy’s spirits. Drew Gulak would stand up for the legendary Superstar, but Corbin would dispatch of the grappler in the ensuing showdown.

Now, Jeff Hardy will face King Baron Corbin tonight on SmackDown. Can Hardy overcome the latest roadblock, or will Corbin deal his comeback a debilitating blow?

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