WWE SmackDown Results Dec. 20, 2019: Recap, live results, The New Day To Battle against Cesaro & Nakamura

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 21, 2019
WWE SmackDown Results Dec. 20, 2019: Recap, live results, The New Day To Battle against Cesaro & Nakamura
Welcome to Anfostar, we are live from BARCLAYS CENTER BROOKLYN, NY, The Day are set to collide with Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura tonight on SmackDown. Dana Brooke has set a rematch against SmackDown Champion Bayley. Daniel Brayan will look to have a battle against 'The Fiend'.

Here we go!!

We were reminded to the TLC Promo video that how The Miz was defeated by Bray Wyatt and later we saw the new appearance fo Daniel Brayan and the yes coming to the tune.

Daniel walked down to the ring and took the mic to address the Audience last week what happened with me, people asked me. he said he's not sure where he went a few weeks ago, but he felt The Fiend rip out his beard and his hair. When he came to and he got cleaned up, he looked in the mirror and didn't notice the beard or the hair missing, he noticed the Daniel Bryan brand missing. It was gone and for some reason, it didn't feel lacking. when I went to my home then my daughter saw me without beard and hair which turned her into surprise and started crying because she did not recognize me but I recognize, and the fact is, I came at TLC and kicked Wyatt's ass. he then called to have an instant match with him but The Miz came instead. He said Wyatt harmed him and his family. TLC was about protecting his family, something Wyatt will never have. Meanwhile, King Corbin appeared in the ring and Corbin taunted Bryan and says his daughter was scared because he looks like Baby Yoda.!! He further went on to say that "you two not only fail to prove as a wrestler but also as a father". Daniel and The Miz headed to beat down King but back attacked by Dolph Ziggler.

Miracle on 34th Street Fight

The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Next headed toward the ring with The Revival & Heavy Machinery who attacked as the bell rang. The Revival aired Heavy Machinery out on the Table anything goes no disqualification. The Revival were taken away on the Apron, we went to see The Revival ripping through the Heavy Machinery. Later they got back in the action Otis stared becoming enough as they insulted food, one man was ranking through the matter. Otis dropped Dawson out of the corner and then launched the Caterpillar. Tucker came back in and they launched the Compactor. Otis covered Dawson for the pin to win.

Winner: Heavy Machinery , victory followed by pinfall

next, We saw Lacey Evans and her daughter backstage with Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross and Dana Brooke

We got a relook of The Revival in the ring. Scott Dawson stated the garbage around the ring, not just the fans, but the trash. they said we are the garbage along the ring which have been spread by Heavy Machinery. Dash Wilder said about how they're facing a different gimmick each week, at their expense. Miracle on 34th Street Fights, Ladder Matches, and more - is this their legacy? He pointed at Dawson asking a question what happened to good old fashioned wrestling. Dawson said that's the "keyword wrestling" they further went on saying out making a mockery "Now we're in the world of sports entertainment Elias interrupted by playing The guitar.

Carmella vs. Sonya Deville

Winner: Carmella , victory followed by Submission

We got a straight look at Carmella celebrating at the apron which was joined by The New Day who started dancing together at the apron and The New Day stood by the ring to have a match with Cesaro and Nakamura

Next we saw the upcoming The Celtic Warrior who again said a message to the Universe Sheamus said in his absence, the once-great house of warriors and temple of titans has become sad, soft and small. This will change because The Celtic Warrior is back and ready to do battle for the soul of SmackDown. We then tapped for the next match

Tag-Team match

The New Day Vs Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

Ready to make a tag with teammates, it all came sudden as the bell rand, they forced together by beating in the assemble game, Semi was out of the ring to bring some disruption for The New Day, at the time they were completely causing the harassment on The New Day, it was just hard-hitting tag-team match, Semi Zayan was all of us but that's all went blowing in the water all The New Day won the match by pinning Cesaro.

Winner: The New Day, victory followed by pinfall

After the match The New Day were beaten black and blue by Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Semi until Braun Strowman made his appearance in the ring, he ripped through one by one, it was like one on three but eventually, they somehow got to escape from there, Braun Strowan stood tall with The New Day in the ring as the three were looking gasping

We saw Daniel and The Miz talking about their family attack and preparing for their match against

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

Winner: Bayley, victory followed by pinfall

After the match we saw Shasha Bank and Baley, taunting at Dana Brooke which brought Lacey in the ring to make them flee from there, as they were going form there, Lacy stopped them by saying where you are going and said you call yourself legit boss, Evans called Banks a legit bully, not a legit boss, and with no backbone, all mouth during the conversation Evans challenged Shasha to have one-on-one with her and the challenge accepted!!

Sasha Banks Vs Evans

Meanwhile the match Sasha tried to humiliate Evans in front of her daughter which stirred her to the high and got back to back punches at Sasha, Baley involved in beating Evans but nothing could stop her as she forced them to go from there, Referee called out the match with no result

Winner: No-Contest

Dolph Ziggler & King Corbin Vs The Miz & Daniel Brayan

Next we walked on the main event of the episode as the Daniel Brayan came in the ring and out came The Miz next in the ring, later the right hand of the king Corbin Dolph Ziggler and then The King, while in the ring The Miz and Daniel started having hot exchange about who would take the turn first, they were attacked by opponents until the talk could change into fight. all set for both of them, The Miz & Daniel Brayan launched back to back chest hits on King and Dolph together. We Went for the break, after the break, we saw both tag teams fighting to their best, immediately King and Dolph turned to ambush them, Daniel laying in the ring with the helpless condition as it was hard to make a tag with The Miz, Dolph taunted him saying get to The Miz, king Corbin interred by making tag and grabbed Daniel's jaw, Corbin took Bryan to the top but Bryan back in the fight and nailed a missile dropkick. Subsequently, Daniel made the tag with Miz and another side Dolph was brought back to the ring_Miz kicked Corbin and rolled Ziggler for a 2 count. Miz kicked Ziggler's knee and nailed the DDT but Corbin interrupted the pin, The Miz Tagged with Bryan, he ran in and stopped Corbin from breaking the submission up hitting a flying knee. Bryan threw Corbin out to the floor and went for the cover on Ziggler, this how we got the

Winner: The Miz & Daniel Brayan, victory followed by submission

After the match, we got match announcement The Miz vs. Bryan vs. Corbin for next week, the winner will challenge The Fiend for the title at the Royal Rumble. The Darkness spread around the arena as we heard Bray Wyatt laughing over thein the arena and SmackDown made a full stop with this

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