WWE SmackDown Results Dec. 27, 2019, Recap, Highlights, Venue, A Moment of Bliss returns

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 28, 2019
WWE SmackDown Results Dec. 27, 2019, Recap, Highlights, Venue, A Moment of Bliss returns
Welcome to Anfostar live results_we are live from little caesars Arena Detroit, Mi. Tonight will feature a Triple Threat match between Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and King Corbin, and an asserted return of A Moment of Bliss.

Here we go!!

Tonight's SmackDown came down to the ring to kick off the show and started singing song handling the guitar. The final 2019 SmackDown got started with the entrance of Daniel Bryan who is out for the Triple Threat match. Next, it came of The King_he had a mic to say something Daniel Bryan, he said hold on, I am the king he is going to do SmackDown his way. Then he taunted the fans as bottom-feeders and says they are jealous of his career. Further, he pointed at Daniel and The Miz saying that you both are not even a good father, he further addressed that he is should be deserved to the champion because he has defeated Roman Reigns twice meanwhile, The Big Dog attacked The King as he suddenly appeared out in the Arena, he was fired up to beat down Baron, later he went for the Superman punch on King and got him forced to flee from there. he was got to be in the training room, he was uncomplet to fight Triple Threat match and that's how the match was taken to ahead because of the king Corbin

The New Day added the next entry and then Braun Strowman in the ring to battle Tag-Team match against Cesaro, Sami, and, Nakamura.

Tag-Team Match

The New Day & Braun Strowman Vs Cesaro, Sami, and, Nakamura

The match kicked off with a bell hearing as we saw Cesaro sent Kofi through the announce table, later both on the apron making a complete dominance on Kofi then made a tag with Nakamura who pinned him with a hand lock. Crowd cheered for Kofi to uprise him to make a tag but failed to do it but got another opportunity when Nakamura went to kick Big E out in the ring and he instantly tried for a tag with Braun but did not make instead they three of them were kicked out of the ring, later Kofi and Nakamura were in the ring meanwhile he tagged with Braun Strowman which fired up everything as he instantly pilled up everyone with the power he possesses within. Sami ran away from Braun when he was after him and was taken to the advantage for Nakamura as he kicked Braun to lay down out of the ring. After this happenings Braun was in the ring to lift Nakamura, meanwhile, Kofi lunched superkick on Nakamura and left it on Strowman who launched Powerbomb to win the match.

winner : The New Day & Braun Strowman, victory followed by pinfall

After the match stood tall to celebrate their victory but that was not enough for The New Day as Kofi put the mic to urge Braun to dance like then as they do, on seeing this matter Braun pushed bot of them towards the each side of the ring with soft hand, it looked that he was going to beat them but all set he started dancing with The New Day and that's they went down to their way out of the Arean.

The breaking news fell on the line as it was announced form backstage that King Corbin is not going fight Triple Threat match, it will be The Miz Vs Daniel

Women's division singles match

Mandy Rose and Carmella

Both prepared to fight in the ring, Mandy was trying to humiliate Carmela but got kicked instead, Carmella was completely making her dominance on Mandy, and later she made a Supeckick on mandy to win the match.

winner : Carmella, victory followed by pinfall

The breaking news fell down when Daniel and The Miz were fighting in the ring, it was announced that Baron Corbin will be battling Triple Threat_The Triple Threat Match between Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and King Corbin to determine who will challenge “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for the Universal Title at Royal Rumble next month

Next it came about Alexa and Nikki in the ring to present "Moment of Bliss" with Lacey as her guest. Lacey came to discuss what happened last week with her daughter then she said she is going to do anything if anyone tries to harm her daughter then she called out the Bayley and Sasha to a match and headed toward the ring but Sasha and Bayley came with Dana Brooke holding in their grip_Sasha said you may be a mother but your tag team partner is not in the condition to fight.

Sasha Banks & Bayley Vs Lacey & Dana Brooke

Lacey went to save Dana out of their grip and started attacking them wich immediately converted in a tag-team match. Lacey climbed on the second raw of the ring to make a fly jump on Bayley and she did it, went for the cover but Sasha Banks made it failer which enraged Lacey and she went after Sasha out making a circle. Sasha got back in the ring and as Lacey entered the ring, Bayley made a powerbomb on Lacey and went for the cover which was interrupted by Dana but Sasha immediately made a pin to win the match by submission.

winner : Sasha Banks & Bayley, victory followed by submission

We saw Dolph and Mandy Rose backstage together and she was insulted by Dolph Ziggler

Still to come Triple Threat match between Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and King Corbin

Triple Threat match

Daniel Bryan, Vs The Miz, Vs King Corbin

All three contenders were in the ring to win the match, Daniel and Miz worked together to beatdown the king, The Miz went to harm Daniel by pushing him away meanwhile The king pushed Daniel and Miz out of the ring and he sent Daniel through the announce table, Miz grabbed Baron to hit and again they both attacked on Baron as a unite. Daniel climbed on the top raw to dash down Corbin, later Miz went for a submission by pinning Corbin but disrupted by Daniel as he made a high jump. Daniel Bryan launched a knee breaker on Corbin and immediately tried to go for the cover but who the hell came down. It was none-other then Dolph who launched superkick on Daniel and let Corbin to cover 1, 2,...he was dragged but who did it oh my god !! it was The Big Dog who crushed Dolph and king one by one and sent Corbin out of the Arean which enabled Corbin to fight back for the match and later it turned out to be a Singles match.

Singles Match

Daniel Bryan Vs The Miz

Now Daniel Bryan and The Miz geared up to make their way up to fight with Bray Wyatt at Royal Rumble for Universal Title. It was more like a revengeful match then for the title. It was full of hard-hitting as they both went for superkicks on the chest one by one. Daniel eventually went on the top of the raw to jump on the Miz but it was broken into pain for Daniel as The Miz moved away to let Daniel fall with a fail touch. The Miz launched a sweep Facebuster and went for the cover but kicked it out, without making a delay The pinned Daniel for the submission but it was not so easier for him to win as Daniel tuned to be the attacker and instead pinned The Miz for submission to win the match by making him compelled to lose the match.

winner : Daniel Bryan, victory followed by submission

After the match Daniel stood in the ring by creating Yes moment but he then was interrupted by Wyatt who appeared on the screen to say congrats to Daniel for instant and said Bryan is about to have so much fun but he isn't sure if "he is done with Bryan" because he (The Fiend) does not forget. He further said if you are willing to do what it takes then let him in!! and thus the Friday Night SmackDown got an ending with this.

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