WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight: Recap, Highlights, RETRIBUTION Appears ( Aug. 7, 2020 )

Jitendra Jangir Sat Aug 08, 2020
WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight: Recap, Highlights, RETRIBUTION Appears ( Aug. 7, 2020 )
After a devastating SmackDown episode, We gonna major upon something that's coming up next this Friday Night on SmackDown. This week we surely be getting un update on Mandy Rose's condition or maybe a stern action taken by Mandy Rose.

The second we are taking it for sure, will be the appearance from Braun Strowman in order to address the WWE Universe over Alexa Bliss's attack. This will be the point for WWE to kick off their feud or WWE might go on to set up their match at SummerSlam.

As for the announced schedule, Bray Wyatt will appear with Firefly Fun House after the attack on Alexa Bliss. Sonya Deville will join “The Dirt Sheet”. Matt Riddle to collide with Sheamus, King Baron Corbin Vs. Jeff Hardy to happen tonight.

Qucik Shots

  • Bray Wyatt To appear with Firefly Fun House

  • Sonya Deville to join “The Dirt Sheet”

  • Matt Riddle to collide with Sheamus

  • King Baron Corbin Vs. Jeff Hardy to happen tonight


Here we go!!!

We kicked the things off with what happened last week on the show with Alexa Bliss.

We started the things off with Bray Wyatt appearing on Firefly Fun House to address the attack on Alexa Bliss.

Bray Wyatt said, "I say want to point the finger at someone shame on you Braun strawman. How could you let something so horrific to someone that you claim to care so much about all I have to do is give him what he wants now? I happen to know that he'll be here later. But someone very special it's waiting for you guys should just give him what he wants to find out what he is truly capable of.

Singles Match

Sheamus Vs. Matt Riddle

We were right back into the ring with Matt Riddle making his way up to the ring followed by the entrance from Sheamus. Matt Riddle kicked the match off with holding Sheamus in the Slipper lock. Sheamus with his shoulder around Matt Riddle's neck as Riddle was down. Matt Riddle was able to get back on his feet. Sheamus with a knee to the ribs of Matt Riddle. Sheamus locked in with the Anklelock. Sheamus somehow got up and dropped Matt Riddle with Powerbomb.

Sheamus with a few punches, Riddle was able to strick back. Sheamus at the top of the apron, Sheamus grabbed Matt Riddle with his around his neck and landed back to back chops on his chest. Sheamus went up to the top rope for the jump, but Matt Riddle with a big right hand taking Sheamus down out of the ring.

Back from the break, as Sheamus turned on Matt Riddle, Sheamus with back to back three Backbreaker for the cover, but kicked out at two. Now, Sheamus with his arm around Matt Riddle's neck, Matt Riddle with somebody punches to get the way out. Matt Riddle with Superkick, Matt Riddle with elbow attack building up the momentum. Riddle at the top rope, but Sheamus was able to escape and landed a Backdrop. Sheamus wanted to have more offense, Matt Riddle with a quick roll, but kicked out at two.

Now, Sheamus with a quick roll, but kicked out. Sheamus came out with Backbreaker and then got ready for the Brogue Kick, but instead launched himself through the Ring post. Sheamus and Matt Riddle fought off out of the ring. Shorty G out of nowhere attacking Matt Riddle, but this time Matt Riddle ruthlessly took him into the offense. Matt Riddle walked off the arena with DQ victory.

Winner : Matt Riddle, victory followed by DQ

Sheamus took Shorty G back into the ring landing a snap Brogue kick, He had some trash-talking and landed another Brogue kick as he walked off the ring.

We had a report that The Fiend will be here later on tonight after the attack on Alexa Bliss.

Back into the ring as The Miz and John Morrison were back into the ring with "The Dirt Sheet", They showed up last night's video of what happened between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

They went on to display Mandy Rose's hair [as pupit], John Morrison and The Miz were giving a background voice.

Finally, they went on to give The Dirt Sheet welcome to Sonya Deville. The Music hit as Sonya Deville walked down into the ring. Sonya Deville explained on what compelled her cutting Mandy Rose's hair.

Sonay Deville said, " I don't understand why everybody's so confused. I came out here and I told Mandy what I was gonna do to her. I said I was going to make her outside his ugly as the person she is on the inside and then I did it. So what's the issue? Let me make something perfectly clear right now. I'm a woman of my word and when I say I do it did I enjoy smashing Randy's face into the table? Absolutely. Did I enjoy ruining her? Perfect makeup that? I enjoy cutting her hair off. Absolutely. I did it was like she was so scared and it wasn't because I have scissors in my hand. It wasn't because I was beating her up because she's used to that it was like she was so concerned about this image because her entire life, that's what it's all been about the Golden Goddess.

God's greatest creation. It's all she ever had to be honest. It's kind of pathetic and sad and I would feel bad or apologize, but I just don't feel bad at all because literally I have no respect for her anymore. She's so weak what I broke her physically because I beat her in the ring twice and now I broke her emotionally because I gave her a little haircut. Come on. Now you guys are sitting here by the way your pathetic your terrible crowd just really waiting for me these music to hit. So what you call.

I will I won't sell her short. She has one on the talent. I don't know if you guys saw but two weeks ago Mandy won a WWE Numpy award. Do you guys know what she wants it for, please? Anybody know what she wanted for she won the award for making out with Otis. I can't make this stuff up. I wish I made it up, but I can't she wanted a war an actual War trophy everything the ceremony. For making out with a dude. I'm just leaving that there and the only bright side to this whole thing besides of course me ruining Mandy's career."

Suddenly, The Heavy Machinery ran down towards the ring, they ran over The Miz and Morrison and made then wipeout of the ring.

Singles Match

Cesaro Vs. Lince Dorado

Winner : Cesaro, victory followed by pinfall

We saw backstage as Otis was furious talking about Mandy Rose's incident, Otis was served to pay The Miz and Morrison for disrespecting Mandy Rose.

Back into the ring as The Fiend walked down into the ring, Back from the break. We saw The Fiend was into the ring with Alexa Bliss once again SmackDown. Alexa was embracing The Fiend. Braun interrupted The Fiend saying that He doesn't give a Damn about Alexa all I care about is destroying you. There are only two ways that I was coming out of it one most evil son of a b** that there are that ever laid eyes on the man with the satisfaction that he spit in the devil's face and rip him limb from limb, since you're standing in the middle there a midget you're looking at the most evil.

Son of a b** this Earth has ever laid eyes on you. See I try to fight him. I tried her assistant, but I was pushed to my breaking when scratching inside me for so long about I am fulfilling my destiny. I am more than man. I'm The Thing nightmares are made of I Am The Monster friend you can have whatever you want at SummerSlam.

It looked that Braun Strowman has made the Universal Championship match official for SummerSlam.

Singles Match

Jeff Hardy Vs. King Baron Corbin

Jeff Hardy entered the ring followed by the entrance from King Baron Corbin. The Bell rang as Jeff Hardy with a couple of right hands on King Corbin. Jeff Hardy with Drop Kick, King Corbin went for a big Closeline and landed jabs on Jeff Hardy's head. King Corbin sent Jeff Hardy out of the ring and followed him back. King Corbin laid down Jeff onto the Commentary box as well as treating him with some shots. King Corbin sent Jeff Hardy back into the ring.

King Corbin was controlling Jeff Hardy with his arm in the offense, King Corbin drove into the turnbuckle, Jeff Hardy was on the attack, Jeff Hardy sent King Corbin into the barricade, both back into the ring as King Corbin with Deep-6 for the cover, but kicked out at two. King Corbin once again sent Jeff tossing through the ring rope, Here comes the interruption from #Sheamus, he Brogue kicked Jeff Hardy to let win the match with DQ Sheamus did the same what was done with him earlier on SmackDown.

Winner : Jeff Hardy, victory followed by DQ

Singles Match

Sheamus Vs. King Baron Corbin

WWE made Sheamus Vs. King Corbin official, they both rather fought off outside of the ring. They both had exchanges of sending each other into the barricade. Sheamus drove himself through the post turnbuckle, King Corbin with straight right hand, Sheamus back to his feet, but King Corbin once again took him down.

The crowd was on the chant, Sheamus back to his planting some shots, Sheamus got King upon his shoulder, King Corbin was able to escape and landed a big Close line. King Corbin got for the finishing move, but Matt Riddle out of nowhere making the distraction. Meanwhile, Sheamus took the advantage, Sheamus went for the Brogue kick to win the match.

Matt Riddle gets a measure of revenge on Corbin, helps Sheamus take the win over Corbin against a match that started against Jeff Hardy.

Winner : Sheamus, victory followed by pinfall

Bayley and Sasha Banks were ordered to be in the ring, as Stephanie McMahon as got something to say them?, Sasha Banks took a deep sense into thinking about the call.

Back from the break as Bayley and Sasha Banks were into the ring waiting for Stephanie McMahon. Finally, she appeared on the big screen. She started off saying, "Bayley Sasha, thank you so much for taking the time to join me. Listen. I just wanted to actually congratulate you. I mean the two of you have achieved insurmountable goals you wanted to win all the women's championships in WWE and - NXT. You've actually achieved that goal.

Bayley said, "Thank you so much, Stephanie. That means so much coming from you. Yes. Thank you so much. We really need to hear that because there's a lot of negativity and like a lot of jealousy coming from the locker room right now. So you're positive feedback means the world to us, especially because really all we're trying to do is be role models for little girls all around the world that watch us every single week. That is right even including little girls like your daughter.

Stephanie further addressed, "We are just trying to finish the job that you started with a woman evolution is what a job you've done. I mean traveling to all three brands Raw SmackDown NXT doing whatever it takes. I mean being a guest referee at the harsh showed Extreme Rules or even making a mockery out of a stipulation. I made by brutally attacking Kairi sane and having Asuka get counted out lose her Championship. You know, I'm not sure about being Role Models, but you certainly have gotten everyone's attention including mine Stephanie.

Bayley said, " We know what's best for business. We are just trying to follow in your footsteps. Look we are a huge fan of yourself and your husband we watch you like every single day again ever like yeah every single day. We watch everything that's available on the WWE Network and everyone can watch at home for only $9.99.

Stephanie said, Ladies. Relax. Look you may have found a loophole on a stipulation that I created, but I'm not one to hold The crunch I'm at McMahon. Listen, I'm not going to lecture you. I'm not going to punish you, but I do want to challenge you so at SummerSlam Sasha you will be defending the Raw Women's Championship. and who knows you could be defending that title against your best friend's opponent on Monday The Talented Dynamic and vengeful Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka.

She has for you, Bayley. Remember all those enemies you've been making across Raw SmackDown in NXT. Well, they will all have a chance for Retribution when they compete next week in a triple brand Battle Royal with the winner facing you for the Smackdown Women's Championship at SummerSlam. now, that's what's best for business.

Tag-Team Match

The Heavy Machinery Vs. The Miz & Morrison [With Sonya Deville]

Sonya Deville joined The Miz and Morrison at the ringside, the match was going through well. But who knows there will be another distraction from Mandy Rose. Mandy can't wait to get back at Sonya Deville, ending another match with a distraction or DQ tonight.

Winners : No-contest

Mandy Rose went ground and Pound with Sonya Deville, Heavy Machinery came into the ring to resist Mandy Rose doing so.

Back from the break, As the officials were still blocking Sonya and Mandy Rose. Suddenly, the lights off, Once again a group of people wearing black hoodies apparently called RETRIBUTION. They came inside the ring and made all of them out of the ring. Corey and Cole were able to escape from there. RETRIBUTION then continued to destroy SmackDown property. One representative told the camera that this is their house now, we might want to leave and go home. The masked men and women hit the crowd now, attacking the developmental trainees and beating them up. Some of the members returned to the ring and continue ranting about how this is theirs now.

Two of the guys went out and tipped the SmackDown announce table over. Cole and Graves left a few minutes ago. They take black, red and blue spray paint cans now, spraying their name and anti-WWE symbols they also had Wood Cutting Machinery to cut the ring ropes with it.

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