WWE SmackDown Results July 3, 2020: Coverage, Recap, Full Results, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jul 04, 2020
WWE SmackDown Results July 3, 2020: Coverage, Recap, Full Results, Winners
During the last week's SmackDown, WWE announced that the IC Championship match between Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles will take place tonight on SmackDown.

As well as After a controversial urine segment conducted between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus, is set to bring more chaos when they confront next week on Friday Night SmackDown. According to the announcement, Sheamus will represent the toast of Jeff Hardy.

Matt Riddle has been announced for this Friday Night SmackDown for his first-ever interview with Michael Cole to determine what the future might hold for Friday night’s newest Superstar.

WWE Universal Champion will prepare to step inner Darkness of Bray Wyatt ahead of their match at Extreme Rules.

Annonuced Schedule

Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles[For IC Championship]

Sheamus will represent the toast of Jeff Hardy

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to move into a possible match

Matt Riddle To Join In The Ring For Exclusive Interview With Michael Cole


Here we go!!!

Cole welcomed us as the show kicked off, Cole led us to the all tonight's matches.

Cole was inside the ring to introduce Matt Riddle into the ring for the interview. He entered the ring as cole waited for him.

Cole asked, what the moment for him when he knocked out best into the ring AJ Styles, Matt Riddle continued to have the chat from the crowd.

Matt Riddle said, "Matt Riddle said, Not really to be honest to get called up from NXT to be on SmackDown now. It's just awesome to walk down that ramp to stand in this ring. It's a love child of a lot of work and a lot of dreams bro, but then AJ Styles punching me in the face. I was like bro, like it was a things like an out-of-body experience.

I respect you bro, but at the same time, I'm pretty sure I like AJ Styles little more than he likes me. AJ Styles to celebrate my win with the entire Smackdown roster with Daniel.

Cole asked what is the history behind the barefoot when he takes his fight.

Matt Riddle said, "A question. I get a lot of people at home and even here are probably wondering why to I'm gonna warn you. It's a long story, but when I was a child my family took me off vacation to Wisconsin winter time is a sweet indoor pool. So I swim in the indoor pool, but then I go outside and play in the snow and I did this back and forth.

And one day I kind of stayed outside a little too long because when I came back in to go swimming at put my feet in the water my feet were on fire and when I told my mom she told me I'm pretty sure you have frostbite man, and we went to the doctor sure enough. I had frostbite and they were even thinking about amputating the pros Tootsie's the things the Foot Scrub. Luckily I pulled through that didn't happen, but that's why I never wear shoes whenever I put a pair of shoes on.

I still get that same burning sensation. So I never wear shoes. I don't care if it's a wedding a bar. Mitzvah. I don't care if I'm hanging out with a bear. I never wear shoes anywhere bro, and also that day I learned something. I learned that you could lose everything in a moment. and even though I can't feel anything with my feet. my feet allow me to feel everything helps.

Cole went on to ask him as King Corbin interrupted by King Corbin making his way into the ring. King Corbin had some trash talking, Meanwhile, Matt Riddle called out for a fight against him, but King Corbin denied and said that he has to fight a new opponent to fight against your king.

King Corbin went on to introduce Morrison as his opponent.

Singles Match

Matt Riddle Vs. John Morrison

Both competitors were into the ring as the bail rang, John Morrison with a massive superkick to the back of Matt Riddle's neck. Morrison with driver to take down Matt Riddle, Matt tried to get back into the match but John once again with some shots on his spine, Matt Riddle looked to have some damages but John Morrison with Cross Body on Matt Riddle to take him down.

John Morrison with a massive knee stick and went for the cover but Matt Riddle shocked kicking out at two, the crowd encouraged Matt Riddle, we saw Matt Riddle getting back into the match, suddenly, John Morrison pricked him finger into Matt Riddle's eye but Matt Riddle was quite ready to take a superkick to John Morrison, Matt Riddle looked for another move as John Morrison stood at the top of the apron. John Morrison ducked as Matt Riddle through himself out of the ring.

Matt faced King Corbin and landed a massive shot on King, Matt Riddle went back into the ring as Corbin followed him back, we went for the commercial break.

Back from the break, as Matt Riddle and Morrison were taking a brawl, Riddle with German Suplex, went for the cover but kicked out, Matt Riddle at the top of the ring post for the jump but Morrison with a knee up to cause the damages to Matt Riddle, John Morrison took Riddle on this shoulder with his for the cover but once again Matt Riddle kicked out, Matt Riddle Suddenly with submission move, Riddle and Morrison fought off at the top of the ring post, John Morrison had the presence of mind to put his weight on Matt Riddle. Morrison with his another move for the cover but kicked out at two, Morrison with Superkick but nothing effect as Matt Riddle had Powerbomb and then a running Knee to take down Morrison.

Matt Riddle lift Morrison on his shoulder, but got the distribution from The Miz, John Morrison with the roll from behind but Matt escaped, Matt Riddle with right roll to win the match.

Winner : Matt Riddle, via pinfall

Matt Riddle stood tall at the top of the entrance, AJ Styles out of nowhere attacking Matt Riddle, Drew Gulak came for the same as we went for the commercial break.

Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles[For IC Championship]

Back into the ring with Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles match for IC Championship. They both set for the match as the bail rang, AJ Styles took Drew out of the ring and took some shots, they came back into the ring, AJ Styles was taking the complete control on Drew Gulak, Styles with a blow to Drew. AJ was just punishing Drew, AJ Styles with Suplex for the cover but kicked out at one. Daniel Bryan joined the commentary via Zoom call from his home, Dragon wipe to Drew Gulak. AJ Styles was just imposing his wish on Drew Gulak.

AJ Styles had Drew's left leg for the damages, Drew with some shots fighting back, AJ Styles rolled through as Drew Gulak caught AJ Styles with his jaw for the submission, AJ to the bottom rope break the submission, AJ Styles went out of the ring to have some relief. AJ Styles tried to follow the ring but this time Drew Gulak with a kick to take down AJ Styles. Drew Gulak called out AJ into the ring as we went for the break.

Back from the break, AJ Styles was back into the fight, AJ Styles with Headbutt and then a running backbreaker to Drew, AJ Styles took beam over his face. Drew Gulka once again back into the ring, Drew at the top of the apron as AJ Styles grabbed him, AJ with a takedown, Drew with a body shot and face first AJ Styles went into the top turnbuckle, Drew grabbed AJ and had a Drope kick, Drew with back to back three Dropkicks and then had a cover, 1, 2, kicked out. Drew at the top of the ring post as AJ Styles also followed him. Drew took AJ down. AJ Styles suddenly with Styles' Clash, AJ dragging drew up to the top rope, AJ Styles with Phenomenal Foreheam for the cover to win the match.

Winner : AJ Styles, via pinfall

WWE Women's Champion and SmackDown women's champion Bayley and WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks. Bayley talked about The Undertaker, she said The Undertaker called her last week and thanked them with the way they tributed The Undertaker.

Bayley and Sasha Banks had their own tribute as they led us to the tribute video.

Bayley and Sasha Banks celebrated their tribute saying themselves Thank You, Sasha and Bayley. They were interrupted by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. They both went on to praise themselves. They entered the ring, Sasha Banks took the mic and said, many have tried but no one was able to touch Smackdown Women's Bayley.

Nikki Cross went on to remind that she is taking that title away from Bayley at Extreme Rules, Sasha and Bayley had a laughter on it, as Bliss had a slap on Bayley. Sasha Banks suddenly called out Bliss for the match against Bayley right on the time.

Non-Title Match

Bayley Vs. Alexa Bliss

They stood tall into the ring as the bail rang, Bayley, causing Bliss' hand, Bayley with some mocking at Nikki Cross, Bliss from behind to roll Bayley for the cover but kicked out, Bliss with a right hand to Bayley for the cover but kicked out at two, now Bayley took the control over Bliss with running drop to Bliss for the cover but kicked out at two.

The official was dealing with Nikki Cross as Bayley took Bliss to hit through the turnbuckle and let Sasha Banks have the knee strick. Nikki Cross came for the save as she took down Sasha Banks, Bayley with trash-talking with Nikki as we saw Nikki Cross landed a right hand on Bayley. The Offical brought the bail with disqualification victory for Bayley.

Winner : Bayley, via disqualification

Back from the break as Cole led us to the preview of a Wyatt swamp match between Universal Champion Braun Strowman Vs. Bray Wyatt.

Singles Match

Kofi Kingstone Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The New Day walked down to the ring, Big E with an interesting entrance rolling through the entrance. Kofi was up for a match against Nakamura. Cesaro and Nakamura made their way out into the ring.

Both stood into the ring as the bail rang, Kofi with Dropkick taking Nakamura down to the apron, Kofi went for the suicide Dive but Nakamura sided, Kofi followed him back, Nakamura hit Kofi to the ring post, Kofi grabbed Nakamura and sent him through the barricade. They both were into the ring. Kofi at the top of the ring post, Nakamura took the advantage by landing a kick to Kofi.

Censaro from behind taking a shot on Kofi as the official was engaged in a talk with Big E, We saw Big E from behind with a huge running shoulder to take down Censaro, The official ordered Big E to follow the way out of the arena. Big E went out. Cesaro at the top of the apron which as well as left official to expel Cesaro from there. Back from the break, Nakamura in control. Kofi tried to way back with couple of right hands on Nakamura.

We saw Kofi with some shots but Nakamura once again took control over Kofi, Nakamura, with a running knee as Kofi hung at the top of the apron. They both were back into the ring as Kofi with Standing Dropkick to Nakamura. Kofi all the way up to the top for the jump but Nakamura with knee up to have the damages on Kofi, Nakamura with Superkick and then tried to have another but Kofi stood on this feet and landed a driving move for the cover but kicked out at two.

Kofi Kingstone with another move for the cover but once again kicked out, Kofi looked for the move, but Nakamura running knee for the cover to win the match.

Winner : Nakmura, via pinfall

Nakamura stood tall into the ring, Cesaro followed the ring, Cesaro went to bring out the table but Big E made the save.

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