WWE SmackDown Results Jun, 5, 2020: Live Results, Full Recap, Highlights

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 06, 2020
WWE SmackDown Results Jun, 5, 2020: Live Results, Full Recap, Highlights
This week's Friday Night SmackDown continues to drive the attention from WWE Performance with a little crowd from WWE trainees. The show card displays a Tag-Team Championship match in which The Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vie against Bayley and Sasha Banks in the Titles defense.

Jeff Hardy emerges out to unveil the clean chit on the hit-and-run case that emerged with an injury on Elias. However, Elias has been discharged from hospital per the report.

Kurt Angle made his reach on SmackDown to announce a new superstar from NXT and that was none other than Matt Riddle, now he has been drafted to SmackDown. We might get to see Matt Riddle's debut match this week on SmackDown.

Plush, a confrontation between both the competitors AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan ahead of their Intercontinental championship match.

Featuring Matches

Women's Tag-Team Championship Match

Alexa Bliss & Nikki(c) Vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

  • Jeff Hardy supposed to be in the ring to explain on Hit-and-run accident

  • Matt Riddle possibly gets his first match on blue roster

  • AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan to confront in the ring ahead of their Championship match

  • A Special trap set by The MIz and Morrison for Braun Strwoman ahead of their match up.


Cory and Cole hyped the tonight's matchup. The show kicked off with the last week's beginning scene from WWE Performance parking lot. Jeff hardy will be in the ring make the things clear.

Cory and Cole hyped the tonight's matchup. The show kicked off with the last week's beginning scene from WWE Performance parking lot. Jeff hardy will be in the ring make the things clear.

We kicked off SmackDown with Jeff Hardy in the ring to explain the last night matter. He said "let me thank you first WWE Universe to give me the chance to get off my chest. Hardy said everyone witnessed something awful last week, the show was thrown into chaos, and a very good man, Elias, walked away with serious injuries that could be worse. he pulled up to the Performance Center parking lot, excited for the show, and got out of the car but was then hit with something big.

It was dark and when he came to, police were everywhere, he reeked of alcohol, he was out of it and in trouble with the law. Hardy said it's good to know he's on this path alone. He knew deep in his heart that he didn't slip last week. He addressed Sheamus and says he will be damned if he lets Sheamus get away with what he did. The music hits and out comes Sheamus to some boos.

He was faced by Sheamus, He said Hardy has been blaming others for his problems all his life. Sheamus goes on and accuses Hardy's fans of lying to the police. He says they are enablers.

Jeff Hardy rushed towards Sheamus to take the hits, Sheamus with Brague but Jeff ducked to make it fail, Jeff exploded with back to back hits, soon after Sheamus would have his Brague to take down Jeff. He then continued to explode Jeff here and there.

Otis and Mandy Rose were backstage, they found the crown that is put on by King Corbin, Otis took it as the nice thing and he put in off, they left from there, King Corbin checked out his crown which was on the place where he put it. Someone from there told that Otis is wearing your crown.

Singles Match

Otis Vs. King Corbin

Otis with Mandy Rose with his way out wearing the crown. King Corbin rushed towards the ring in a much angry way. The Bail rang and Otis put away King with a clear shot seeing him out of the ring. Corbin made his way to the ring and landed a Spinebuster to lead the charge in the match. Otis tried to back up but Corbin with kicks to keep him back, the kings landed by King was not facing any damages for Otis as Otis hit him with his massive hands.

Otis took him into the turnbuckle and launched some hits, Otis prepared to have Caterpillar but King Corbin walking through the bottom rope.

Otis faced him there but King Corbin with steel chair attack to bail the match for call-out. King Corbin hit another shot with Chair, Otis made his way up to the ring where he caught King Corbin and had Caterpillar to take him out.

Winner : Otis, victory followed by disqualification

The Miz and Morrison were in the parking lot in a ven having a watch on Braun Stroman who just reached there.

The Miz and Morrison continued to chase Braun Stroman backstage, Braun Stroman went on to open the cane and had it right on his face.

Singles Match

Lacey Evans Vs. Sonya Deville

Lacey Evans made her way up to the ring but Sonya Deville from behind attacked Lacey Evans.

Commercial Break*

After the break, we spotted Lacey Evans and Sonya into the ring brawling through the ring, Lacey took down Sonya with a push, Sonya withhold from back, Lacey broke it up and had some hits with nice Elbow, Lacey hitting Sonya into to turnbuckle, Sonya with a Big Boot to take down Lacey.

Sonya continued to make the harm for Lacey, Sonya stood on the long hair of Lacey and continued to have trash talk with her, Lacey back to the match with massive hit and then back to back knee at the top of the apron. Meanwhile, we saw something happening with the referee who told them to back it up as he had some injury to his leg, more referee walked towards the ring to check him out.

Now, Sonya Deville ran rough on Lacey Evans though the ring and out of the ring, she brought the insult for Lacey by crushing her on a steel chair.

Meanwhile, Mandy Rose appeared on the big screen to bring some distraction, Lacey Evans with Women's right and then a Moonslaut to win the match.

Winner : Lacey Evans, victory followed by pinfall

Kayla Braxton was backstage with Braun for the interview, Braun Strowman explained the current situation with The Miz and Morrison while they were watching from the ven, they had a controller with this they had the color coming out from above to Kayla Braxton instead of Braun Strowman. Kayla Braxton had her completely covered with color. Kayla Braxton left from there.

We were back into the ring with Renee Young to have the interview with Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles ahead of their matchup for Intercontinental Championship.

Renee Young welcomed Daniel Bryan into the ring, he walked to the ring. Renee Young with the another to AJ Styles.

They both had some trash-talking all the way out, AJ Styles had some question regarding Drew Gulak, AJ Styles went on to the call out Drew Gulak into the ring to get his hand out and a*s whooping. Drew Gulak made his way to the ring and had sudden attack on AJ Styles to draw him out of the ring.

Singles Match

Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles

After the break, AJ Styles was running rough on Drew Gulak all through the ring. Drew with counter-attack but AJ with a leapfrog to make it fail, Drew immediately caught AJ for the submission. AJ Styles, however, broke the submission and had a Breakbreaker to take down Drew.

Headbut from Drew Gulak and head for another move but had a massive Closeline to make on the ground, AJ with a tight hold, Drew back on his feet and fired up with a Suplex and then went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Drew Gulka head for another move, AJ Styles blocked them this time and put him on the damages, AJ Styles with a kickback to the neck of Drew Gulak. He went for the cover but kicked out at two. AJ Styles prepared for another move. Suddenly, Drew Gulak rolled up AJ Styles for three counts and that's how got the victory against AJ.

Winner : Drew Gulak, victory followed by pinfall

The Miz and Morrison were in the parking lot to make the same spy on Braun Stroman, this time they had Braun's car for the destruction, The Miz and Morrison landed some shots of stick-on Braun's car.

Six-man Tag-Team Match

The New Day & Shorty G Vs. Mojo, Nakamura, Cesaro

Way back to the ring with The New Day and Shorty G into the ring to face off Nakamura, Cesaro and Mojo. Cesaro and Shorty G kicked the things off, Cesaro with some of his moves, Shorty G with a quick tag to Big E, Cesaro also had the tag to Mojo but Big E did not let anyone cause the offense. He made the tag with Kofi Kingston who with a way up to the ring rope to have jump on Nakamura, Kofi Kingston launched a Suicide dive on Nakamura in which he went on to injure his left leg, Mojo took the advantage by blowing him with a massive running shoulder.

Commercial Break*

Back from the break, Cesaro was having the control on Kofi Kingston, Cesaro changed the tag with Mojo who ran rough on Kofi, Mojo went for another offense but this time Kofi blocked the lock to bring Shorty G in the match. Shory G way up to the top rope to dash down Mojo.

Cesaro joined the ring to make the distraction, they were up to make the destruction on Shorty G. Meanwhile, The New Day joined them into the ring, Shorty G let Kofi Kingston make his way into the ring.

Shorty G and Big E blocked Cesaro and Nakamura to come out into the ring, Kofi with his move for the cover to win the match.

Winner : The New Day & Shorty G, victory followed by pinfall

We turned our eyes towards The Miz and Morrison who were still in the ven suspecting over Braun.

Braun Stroman walked down to the parking lot where he spotted his car dumbed away. Braun Stroman asked the person to tell the address of The Miz and Morrison. He finally referred to the ven. Braun was unable to bring them out because the Ven was locked. The Miz and Morrison were happy on it. But soon, Braun Stroman would turn down the ven with his power.

Women's Tag-Team Championship Match

Alexa Bliss & Nikki(c) Vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

Nikki Cross and Bayley kicked the thing off, Nikki with a sudden takedown on Bayley and went for the tag with Alexa Bliss who also had a quick shot and let Nikki come out again. Nikki took her into the turnbuckle with a shot on her chest. Nikki with a tag to Alexa, Bayley somehow lead the charge on Alexa and took her away.

Bayley had the advantage to make the moves on Alexa with the help from Sasha Banks, Bayley tried to have some more moves but this time Alexa Bliss ducked the way to make the tat with Nikki Cross.

Nikki Cross was looking furious enough on sending her for the offense. Soon Sasha Banks brought the distraction for Nikki Cross. Bayley took the advantage as Bayley sent her out of the ring. Bayley with a tag to Sasha. She went up to the top of the turnbuckle to fire upon Nikki Cross.

Commercial Break*

Bayley and Sasha Bank continued to make the damages on Nikki Cross, apparently not letting her make the tag. Somehow, Nikki was able to bring the tag with Alexa Bliss. She went to the top rope for Bliss of twist, she went for the cover but kicked out at two. We saw a lot of ups and downs with both the teams. Bayley was in the ring with Nikki Cross making the savages.

Nikki with the move for the cover but the distraction from Sasha Banks who rolled through to break the cover, Sasha Bank dragged Bayley to the ring post and had the tag. Nikki Cross with a roll-up but Sasha Bank rolled her instead for the win and that's how they became the new champions>

Winners : Bayley & Sasha Bank, victory followed by pinfall

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