WWE SmackDown Results June 26, 2020: Full Results, Coverage, Highlights, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 27, 2020
WWE SmackDown Results June 26, 2020: Full Results, Coverage, Highlights, Winners
last week Matt Riddle actually demanded a Title match against AJ Styles on SmackDown but the access was denied by AJ Styles himself. Tonight on Smackdown AJ Styles instead stakes IC Championship against Drew Gulak(With Daniel Bryan).

Don't know what brings up there but sure for one thing that Matt Riddle deserves to get the title shot against AJ Styles which could end at WWE Extreme Rules.

Mandy Rose slaps The Miz after Sonya Deville ambush, this chaos is gonna be critical in the upcoming days. Tonight Sheamus also represents the toast of Jeff Hardy after what we have witnessed between these two superstars.

WWE has come to a decision to To Air Boneyard Match Between The Undertaker And AJ Styles Tonight On SmackDown. Boneyard Match Between The Undertaker And AJ Styles will air during a special tribute to The Undertaker.

Annouced schedule

Drew Gulak to vie against AJ Styles for IC Championship

Sheamus to represent the toast of Jeff Hardy

A special tribut to The Undertaker

What will be the next move for Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt


We were led to the back memories of The Undertaker. We kicked the things off with all the superstars in the arena chanting Thank You, Thank You to The Undertaker.

Cole led us to The Undertaker's Debut to WWE. In October 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). He made his debut as Kane the Undertaker at a taping of Superstars on November 19, 1990. Calaway made his official on-camera debut on November 22 at Survivor Series as a villainous character when he was the mystery partner of Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Team. Approximately one minute into the match, The Undertaker eliminated Koko B. Ware with his finisher, the Tombstone Piledriver. He also eliminated Dusty Rhodes before being counted out; however, his team won the match with DiBiase being the sole survivor.

Superstars including John Cena and Roman Reigns talked about The Undertaker's legacy.

Now, we're back to the WrestleMania 36, Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. You can enjoy the match with some the clips below.

Ric Flair talks "I think he's the biggest star in the history of the business."

We were joined by King Corbin into the ring, he called The Undertaker a son of a Bi***. He said, "Call myself down for a very very long time. And now now I gotta stand around and I gotta hear all these Hall of Famers and these Legends pay their respects to the Undertaker matter of fact, then all these fools come out to the stage, and they can't thank you, taker. You know, what take your I don't thank you. I don't start with that stupid chant. The Superstars from crowds, chanted Thank You Taker.

King Corbin said, No, no. No, it's a very simple matter of fact, Mark Calloway. I want to leave you with one. f*** you.

Jeff Hardy's heard enough of Corbin disparaging The Undertaker party. has had a long and storied history with the Undertaker coming out here tonight to shut up. Korben. Korben deserve that looks to me like Jeff Hardy still want to fight.

Jeff Hardy took him out of the ring, and fixed a match tonight on SmackDown.

Fatal-4 way Match

Alexa Bliss Vs. Nikki Cross Vs. Dana Brooke Vs. Lacey Evans

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross & Dana Brooke & Dana Brooke meet in a Fatal-4 way match, the winner will face off Bayley at Extreme Rules. Alexa Bliss made her entrance as for the first, Nikki Cross was next to make her way into the ring. The music hit and we welcomed Dana Brooke entering in the ring. Lacey Evans was the following last entrance.

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss swept up Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans. Meanwhile, Nikki Cross rolled Alexa giving a sudden jolt to Alexa. Now, Nikki and Alexa fought off into the ring, Lacey Evans from behind and sent Alexa out of the ring, Lacey Evans with a move on Nikki and went for the cover but Dana Brooke broke it up.

Now, Lacey brought the savage on Dana Brooke, but Dana instead took down to Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke with her move but broke up by Nikki Cross, Alexa Bliss also joined the ring, Alexa Bliss with Twist of Bliss on Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans with a Women's right.

Lacey Evans was about to pin Dana Brooke but instead Nikki Cross from behind to roll Lacey Evans for the three counts.

Winner : Nikki Cross, victory followed by pinfall

8-mam Tag-Team Match

The New Day & Lucha House Party(Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) & Cesaro & Nakamura Vs. The Miz & Morrison.

The New Day made their first entrance into the ring. Big and The Miz started the things off, Big E with a powerhouse and sent The Miz at the top of the apron, Big E with a big splash to The Miz at the apron, Big E let Lince Dorado come in with a tag, Big dashed down Lince Dorado on to The Miz, we saw The Miz made the tag with Cesaro, Lince Dorado with a tag to Gran who landed himself on Cesaro. He took some rough shots, one by one there were the exchanges from Nakamura, Cesaro, The Miz & Morrison. They started beating Kofi Kingstone black and blue. We went for the break.

After the break we saw The Miz not allowing Kofi to make the tag with Big E, Kofi with DDT to The Miz and headed towards Big E to make the tag but instead, The Miz had the tag with Nakamura who was able to break the tag. Soon, Kofi mad the superkick to make the tag with Gran Metalik.

Big E breaking out here in this Tag Team Matchup still John Morrison and Lindsay Dorado inside the ring metal League looked a little worse for wear dude a Nakamura Cesaro. Just fighting their way out of the building yet Bad Blood between those two teams tag made Big Now legal and Dorado. he made the Tag meta Gran Metalik was legal. I'm not sure Miz realizes. Gran Metalik with cover to win the match.

Winner : Lucha House Party(Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) & The New Day, victory followed by pinfall

Braun Strowman made her way into the ring to make the special attention for Bray Wyatt. He entered the ring and took the mic to say that,"I want to tell you about when I first met Bray Wyatt and for the first time in my life, I shall see here. I'm not talking about the bump in the night when you're a child fear. I'm talking about the type of fear, and they say here on the back of your neck stand up that gives you that feeling down in the pit of your stomach that something is wrong that type of fear.

And makes a grown man tremble. Now one night. We're sitting on the edge of that disgusting swamp braised Lantern glistening in the dark as I looked towards the water a water moccasin started to slide out of the water slithering directly towards braised Lantern. as I noticed this I jumped up in a quick wanted to stop it to death of brace. Stop me. He said no no, no, no. That's my friend. I was confused as I watch Bray Wyatt walk towards this snake. He knelt down. It'll last out in a bit Brave right in the face and all he did.

presence of evil you seek is Bray Wyatt in get poisoned by this snake. He didn't bleed. He didn't even Flinch when it bit him in the face. All he did. was laugh. At that moment. I knew Bray Wyatt was the Devil Himself and that's when I realize Bray Wyatt was the sermon I was overcome with emotion enamored at this feat that I just witnessed and I couldn't help it. And so I started doing the devil's work and the bad part about it all myI loved every second and you see.

parts of me still do I've done everything in my power and being to lock that side of me away in a place in the back of my mind where I thought I could forget about it, but he calls for me. And you know Bray, I can't go on living like this. So what do you say? What do you say we go back to the swamp to that irian miserable hell you call home, you know, there's only two ways. This is gonna turn out Brave. I keep thinking and thinking and thinking.

I'm either going to come out of this the most evil son of a b** this Earth has ever seen. Well. I'm coming out with a satisfaction that I spit in the devil's face and I ripped him limb from limb, and I stopped on his chest till every rivet his body broke then I'm going to drag you into the swamp and let the alligators finish. What do you say pray?.

Braun Strowman laughed and went out of the ring.

Singles Match

Jeff Hardy Vs. King Corbin

We were once again back into the ring with Jeff Hardy to face off King Corbin. The bail rang and King Corbi with a big drop by the shoulder and went for the early cover but that did not bring the victory, King Corbin was ruthlessly assaulting Jeff Hardy. King Corbin with another move while Jeff Hardy Hung in the middle of the ring, Jeff Hardy ducked and instead sent Corbin out of the ring, Jeff Hardy sent Cornin through the announce table. Jeff Dragged him back into the ring and landed some shots.

Jeff up to the top rope, but King Corbin moved on from there and sent him through the ring post. King Corbin once again took the lead into the ring. King Cornin posed like THe Undertaker into the middle of the ring. We went for the break.

After the commercial break, we spotted all the superstars from SmackDown were circulating the ring to watch the match, King Cornin was on the assault to Jeff Hardy. Corbin with the cover but kicked out at two, King Corbin with the big right hand to take down Jeff Hardy, He grabbed Jeff once again into the turnbuckle but this time Jeff Hardy with some shots, it went for a while as Corbin once again took the controls on Jeff, Corbin had the confrontation with Braun Stroman, Corbin turned his eyes off Braun Strowman and continued to assault him.

Corbin took Jeff into the ring, Corbin with a lock, All the superstars were creating the chanting for Jeff, we saw Jeff Hardy getting back into the match, Jeff Hardy with a kick to Corbin, Jeff Hardy tied to go up to the top but Corbin from behind and laned Deep Six on Jeff, he went for the cover but kicked out at two, Jeff was out of the ring, Corbin followed him, This time Jeff sent Corbin into the ring post, They came back Jeff Hardy with his move to win the match.

After the match, Corbin Suddenly attacked Jeff from behind, Kofi entred the ring to make the save but Corbin took him too out. Big E entered the ring, He took Corbin on his shoulder for Big ending, Jeff called on Braun Strowman into the ring, Braun Stowrman with Powerslam to Corbin, Now, Jeff Hardy waved towards Matt Riddle to come into the ring, Matt Riddl up to the top rope for Bro move. That's how SmackDown took the ending.

Winner : Jeff Hardy, victory followed by pinfall

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