WWE SmackDown Results June 19, 2020: Full Recap, Coverage, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 20, 2020
WWE SmackDown Results June 19, 2020:  Full Recap, Coverage, Winners
The week's Friday Night SmackDown takes place right after the big fall WWE Backlash. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan fought off in a TItle match in which AJ Styles got the trumpet over Daniel to become the new IC Champion. This might leave the possibility for the appearance fo AJ Styles in order to make the celebration.

Matt Riddle showcased the incredible ability to make his way through the Blue brand. Now, this Friday Matt Riddle makes his in-ring debut. Bray Wyatt returns with Firefly Fun House. Mandy Rose as the special guests on The Miz TV.

Announced Schedule

Matt Riddle to make his in-ring debut

A celebration from the new IC champion AJ Styles

Bray Wyatt returns with Firefly Fun House

Mandy Rose as the special guests on The Miz TV to discuss about Sonya Deville


Renee Young was into the ring to introduce The New IC Champ AJ Styles.We saw all the WWE superstars were circulating the ring. AJ Styles said He has called these superstars into the ring to get a closer look at the championship. AJ Styles first gave the opportunity to Renee Young to put the title around his waist but he then went on to skip her saying that it's not for the fas. AJ Styles then called on Daniel Bryan to have the championship around his waist. Daniel Bryan did the same what he was said to do. AJ Styles was a little disagree with the way Daniel left him off.

Danile Bryna took to the mic and went on to praise him first and then he lit up AJ to defend the title to be the number 1 contender. Meanwhile, Matt Riddle entered the ring. Matt spoke to introduce himself but AJ Styles interrupted him meanwhile, AJ Styles said him to put on the shoes when someone is into the ring with him. Matt Riddle added that he is not here to listen to you, he is here to advise and inform you that You may be the face of SmackDown but Bro runs the show. AJ Styles meanwhile, attacked Matt Riddle, he took some shots on him. Matt Riddle suddenly, ran rough and sent AJ out of the ring.

Singles Match

AJ Styles Vs. Matt Riddle.

Matt Riddle with German Suplex, this was certainly the right way to make the impact on SmackDown. He continued to through AJ down. Standing switch by Matt. Matt Riddle with a Superkick and then a Bro drop for he cover but kicked out.

AJ Styles with Dropkick taking him a little down into the turnbuckle. Matt Riddle was at the top of the apron where he landed a shot on AJ and took him out of the ring. Matt Riddle got the confrontation from The King.

After the break, we saw AJ Styles running rough on Matt Riddle. There was a Matt lock from Riddle, AJ Styles somehow was able to get out of the lock and turned it into his own. Matt Riddle to the bottom rope. Matt Riddle with shocking Styles' Clase for the cover and won the match.

It was extremely a good way to celebrate his debut on SmackDown and the biggest debut in SmackDown history.

Winner : Matt Riddle, victory followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Shorty G Vs. Mojo

Winner : Shorty G, victory followed by pinfall

Tag-Team Match

The New Day Vs. Lucha House Party(Dorado, Gran Metalik)

They bail rang, Kofi and Dorado kicked the things off, tag made and here came Gran Metalik but Kofi Continued to run his dominance on Gran Metalik.

Kofi Kingstone with some shots and let Big E come into the ring, Dorado with a big drop to Big E, Kofi Kingstone came into the defense but Gran Metalik would follow the save to take Kofi out of the ring. Gran Metalik with the jump to dash down Kofi.

After the break we saw, Big E dominating the match by beating black and blue on Dorado, Dorado with an escape shot and brought Gran Metalik) into the tag, Kofi Kingstone also followed the tag, Kofi with a big dropkick to Gran Metalik. Luch House Parrty put their great efforts to win the match but they were not battering then Kofi and Big E. Finally, Big E and Kofi would get together to land the move to win the match.

Winner : The New Day, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Big E and Kofi were attacked by Nakamura & Cesaro.

Bayley and Sasha Banks were on the commentary box where they were attacked by Nikki Cross out of nowhere. Nikki Cross then went on to call the bluff on Sasha Banks

Bayley responded with accepting the challenge and put Sasha Bank into a match

Sasha Banks were into the ring for the match, Sasha Banks with the bleeding to Nikki Cross, she suddenly, turned savage by throwing Nikki out of the ring. Sasha Banks followed her to run the shots, Bayley tried to bring the distraction bout held her back.

They fought at the top of the turnbuckle, Nikki Cross was on the hype landing the shots in a continuous manner, Nikki Cross with DDT to Sasha Banks, she went for the cover kicked out at two. Nikki Cross was dominating over Sasha Banks. Alexa Bliss was also having a look at the match.

Nikki Cross rolled up Sasha for two counts, Banks also went for the same cover but no victory, finally Sasha Banks would have Meteora to win the match.

Bray Wyatt joined on the big screen, he took the shot on Braun Strowman having the trash-talking, we were joined by Braun into the ring. He took the mic and said Bray had all the opportunities to get the title match against him and now he is over with Bray

Bray made him believe that the actual story has just gotten started, he went on to remind him of the black ship crew and another thing to delude him. Suddenly, the lit went off as the SmackDown went off the air with an invisible view.

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