WWE SmackDown | Roman Reigns Gets The Payback From King Corbin As He Humiliates With Dog's Food

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 01, 2020
WWE SmackDown | Roman Reigns Gets The Payback From King Corbin As He Humiliates With Dog's Food
Welcome to Anfostar_Tonight we saw Roman Reins set about a stipulation match aginst King Corbin, Robert Roode and, Dolph Ziggler which took that The loser would eat dog's food, at the end of the match Roman Reigns defeated King Cornin by rolling him up. Roman Reigns and The Usos handcuffed Corbin to the ring post to pour Dog's food on him.

Have a look below at what happened in the match.

SmackDown show kicked off with the first entry of The Big Dog, fans cheered for him he entered the reigns, he defeated King Corbin in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Royal Rumble. The bloodline approached the ring to team up with Roman Reigns The Usos. Roman Reigns took the mic and said the good news is that he kicked Corbin's ass all over Minute Maid Park on Sunday. The bad news is...he took a break to think it but The Usos completed his sentence and said Reigns lost, he lost the Rumble Match. Roman Reigns he indeed lost but he doesn't like to lose, but they're going to make it alright tonight by kicking King Corbin's ass, then focus on WrestleMania. Corbin came to the ring with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

He said Roman Reigns only won the match on Sunday because The Usos helped him. He would've done better and even won the Rumble Match if it weren't for the cheating in the Falls Count Anywhere match King. Corbin said he has a weird dog food fetish or he's still living in that moment as if it's the best moment of his career. Roman Reigns took the mic and said to King Corbin, Robert Roode and, Dolph to have a stipulation match, the loser will eat the dog's food. King Corbin accepted the match.

We went back to the ring with Roman Reigns and The Usos walking towards the ring for stipulation match Corbin started the things off with The Usos in the against, Corbin hit Jimy to make him out of the ring, Robert Roode went to his side and launched Spinebuster on him and sent him flying up to the barricade. Jey came in the cover as Dolph and Corbin teamed up. Roode took The Usos in the ring where he buckled him completely, Robert Roode went to the side fo Roman Reigns who tried to enter the ring but was cut off.

Robert Roode eyed upon The Usos and looked for another move but it was saved by The Usos and he hit a Superkick to Robert Roode and tried to make a tag with Roman Reigns, another side Robert Roode made the tag with Dolph Ziggler. who came to ring wich took a little advantage for The Usos to get back in the ring.

The Usos made the tag with Roman Reigns which made the cheering more explosive, he went for the back to back shoulder hit on King Corbin. Roman Reigns got ready to upload Spear but he got the destruction from Robert Roode and then from Dolph who hit Roman Reigns with a massive Superkick. King Corbin went for the Chockslame on Roman Reigns to cover him for two counts. Roman Reigns got the continue destruction from both of them which brought another advantage fro Corbin to launch Chockslame on Roman Reigns but Roman Reigns did not let it happen as he kicked out on two counts.

Finally Roman got help from the Usos who took down Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler out of the ring and Roman Reigns applied his massive Spear on King Corbin, he went for the cover but Dolph Ziggler got the touch on two counts. Immediately The Usos entered the ring back and then sent them through the commentary box. Roman Reigns went on for the spear but King save himself for the spear, Roman Reigns rolled him up to win the match.

According to the rules King Corbin witnessed to eat out Dog's food, Corbin tried to forge his way out of the arena but he was handcuffed by The Usos who cuffed Corbin to the ring post as he did the same with Roman Reigns a Few months ago. Roman Reigns came running with a big Spear on King Corbin to swipe him out. Roman Reigns took the food and splashed it on King's face. Roman Reigns was not satisfied with the little splash so he took the whole bucket to pour on King Corbin. Lastly, The Usos and Roman Reigns had a pose together with King Corbin, this is how Roman Reigns paid back.

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