WWE SmackDown | Roman Reigns & Robert Roode Prepares To Battle In Tables Match

Published on Wed Jan 15,2020 By Anfostar Team

Welcome to Anfostar_Last Week's SmackDown opened up the shocking return from Robert Roode who had his last fight with Roman Reigns where he was stretched out of the Arena By Roman Reigns' brutal assault. No more wait!! Last week he had a subsequent attack on Roman Reigns by sending him through the announce table with Spinebuster and took a complete assault on Roman Reigns.

The chance has been placed for Roman Reigns to settle the score with Robert Roode on this week's SmackDown episode. It's been a few weeks since King Corbin & Dolph Zigler are playing spin with Roman Reigns, however, he got relieved to some extent with a shocking return from his Brothers "The Usos" but last week they too were put under the damage by Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, and, King Corbin.

Roman Reigns does what he says, so, this time will he took a major statement to kick down his opponent with a massive and impressive Superman Punch or Robert Roode picks his first 2020 victory by defeating Roman Reigns?

Will the best man win!!

The Usos

WWE Smackdown Roman Reigns

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