WWE SmackDown | Roman Reigns To Search His Teammate Against The Miz And John Morrison

Anfostar Team Fri Feb 14, 2020
WWE SmackDown | Roman Reigns To Search His Teammate Against The Miz And John Morrison
Welcome to Anfostar_The defence has now become the action for Roman Reigns, The Miz and John Morrison. However, Roman Reigns is scheduled to have the match with Baron Corbin in Steel Cage match at Super Shodown and now he has got to answer few more rival to make them sensible about The BloodLine.

Recently, we had the situation that John Morrison and The Miz became the no. 1 contenders to challenge The New Day at Super Showdown for Tag-team championship match. Last, they returned with The Dirt Sheet but they were distracted by The New Day during The Dirt Sheet conversation, things got more turned around when “The Dirt Sheet” duo turned their attention to The Usos' impending absence from this Friday's SmackDown.

The Miz took to Twitter attacking The Usos "Most-hated to Must-See. A nobody to an A-lister. I’ve done more for @WWE than other Superstars dream of and I ALWAYS make the show. Even Roman knows (from his VAST movie experience) that the show always goes on ... even when The Usos can’t."

In the defence Roman Reigns Replied "I doubt anyone has seen your terrible movies, let alone care if you actually make the show. But if you do make it, stop by and get your ass whooped real quick, again".

While John Morrison was not back from crossing the world for Roman The Bloodline when he said Lol, @wweusos it’s easy to put us on blast when you know you’re not gonna be around in Canada to back up anything you say... I guess that’s what it means to be LOCKED DOWN... or locked out-

Roman Reigns also took his shot to newly returned John Morrison_Yo! I thought you quit the business years ago! Ha, welcome back! P.S. ass-whooping waiting for you too!

Below you can see all the tweets

Now Roman will battle john Morrison and The Morrison with one more teammate be to quested sofar in a Tag-team bout.

It will curious to know the who is joining the company with Roman Reigns to cause the ass-whooping for The Miz and John Morrison.

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