WWE SmackDown: The Forgotten Sons Dominates Over The SmackDown

Jitendra Jangir Sat Apr 25, 2020
WWE SmackDown: The Forgotten Sons Dominates Over The SmackDown
A few days ago The Forgotten Son claimed that they have fixed their eyes on the best Tag-Teams of SmackDown roster, apparently sounding for SmackDown Tag-Team championship. Last night on SmackDown they just blew away everything by claiming their hands on The New Day.

Let's read below on what happened

The New Day Kicked the things off by getting electrifying entry in the ring. Kofi Kingstone said last week we became the 8-time Tag-Team champion, then he said Big-E is the man behind everything to make it possible. It is who is responsible for everything as he pointed at Big-E.

Then he said put the respect on his name. Later, we saw the interruption from the Luch house Party who said we have every team from the locker room getting the opportunity to have their names on the title but they never had a chance on it, os tonight they will be the first to challenge you for the titles match right now right here.

But they too had the interruption from The Miz & Morrison who wanted to have their titles back on the line. The Miz said that you beat me in the singles action but we are here to get them back with Tag-Team.

Meanwhile, they had the interruption from The Forgotten Sons who also affirmed to have the opportunity on the titles. Forgotten Sons attacked The Lucha House Party while retired from the ring. Forgotten Sons targeted to put the attack on The New Day and caused the destruction.

According to the tune, The Forgotten Sons will join to challenge The New Day as they involved.

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