WWE SmackDown: The New Day Become 8-Time SmackDown Tag-Team Champions

Jitendra Jangir Sat Apr 18, 2020
WWE SmackDown: The New Day Become 8-Time SmackDown Tag-Team Champions
Two week's ago Morrison defended SmackDown Tag-Team Titles against Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingstone in a Triple-Threat Ladder match which Morrison won to retain the titles. Tonight The Miz was up to defend Titles against Big-E and Jey Uso in a Triple-Threat match. This time Big-E advanced in the match to win their titles back to the pocket and claimed the titles for 8-time. Big-E walked down to the ring as for the first, he was followed by Jey Uso in the ring. The Miz had the last entry in the ring. The bail rang and we saw Big-E in the attack he hit both the competitors one by one and caught THe Miz for the belly attack. Big-E took The Miz out of the ring, he followed The Miz to launch him through the barricade. Big-E prepared the commentary box to launch The Miz on it but got the garage in by Jey who landed a Superkick, The Miz and Jey worked as a team to launch Big-E on the commentary box.

Now The Miz and Jey fought at the middle of the ring. After the match, we saw Jey Launching on Big-E out of the ring. Jey was looking for the control in the match, The Miz launched himself through the turnbuckle in the try to hit Big-E. Meanwhile, The Miz had his move on Jey for the pin but kicked out at two.

The Miz had Figure of Fourth on Jey to let him feel submission but got the destruction from Big-E who took Jey out of the ring and had them move to win the match. The New Day once again became the 8-time Tag-Team Champions.

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