WWE SmackDown | The Usos & Roman Reigns Lay The Waste To Corbin, Dolph and, Robert Roode

Anfostar Team Sat Jan 25, 2020
WWE SmackDown | The Usos & Roman Reigns Lay The Waste To Corbin, Dolph and, Robert Roode
Welcome to Anfostar_The final Friday night SmackDown was on the line before we complete the road of Royal Rumble, The USos kicked off the show making their way head up. Here comes The Big Dog, He looked for battle as well as he makes out. WE Had the past video of the match between Roman Reigns and Roode where Roma Reigns defeated Robert Roode to pick the Falls Count Anywhere match.

King Corbin, Dolph and, Robert Roode headed up their way up to the ring. The bail set about the match. Dolph Ziggler and Jimmy Usos in the ring who drastically put him on the destruction. Dolph mad ethe tag with Robert Roode's head. He put him out of the top rope where he was attacked by Dolph Ziggler who hit his head to the ring post he was initially injured. Jimmy was taken away to the arena as he officially got injured. Roman Reigns and Jey Uso were left alone to fight with them.

After the break Roman Reigns and Dolph were in the ring. Roman was in a much effective way, Roman tagged with Roman and Dolp made the tag with King Corbin who after coming fans started booming over him, King made his move and went for the cover but kicked out, Roman Reigns confronted King Corbin but Referee stopped them. jey was in the dilapidated condition to come back Jey with a big superkick to Robert Roode, fans cheered up for Jey to make the tag with Roman Reigns he stepped up but another side Roman Reigns was dropped on the ground by King Corbin and sent him over the top barricade. Jey was helpless to do anything.

After the break Corbin was taking on Jey and took head to bump to the ring post but he was instead hit by Jey and he subsequently made the tag with Roman Reigns, he took down everyone from the ring, Roman Reigns went to launch Spear but he got he distraction by King Corbin by the side of ring post although he was put out of the ring another side Dolph took the advantage to hit the superkick The big dog somehow find out the way to boost for the tag, but the same came out when Dolph took him down and made Roman helpless, King Corbin took the fight upon another side.

He was joined by Dolph and got the matter up for, Dolp ready to make move up, Roman took the spear in the use and what we saw jimmy made his way out in the ring and called for the tag which he got. The team was full he put King Corbin out of the ring near to the announce table, Roman Reigns took King Corbin out of the arena leaving The Usos brother in the fight who got The Usos splash on Robert Roode to win the match.

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