WWE SmackDown | Two Big Announcements Taken Down For Royal Rumble

Anfostar Team Sat Jan 25, 2020
WWE SmackDown | Two Big Announcements Taken Down For Royal Rumble
Welcome to Anfostar_We saw earlier that John Morrison and Kofi had their match fixed. Before having their match John Morrison and The Miz declare their intents for Royal Rumble. At the end of the match, Morrison was capable of getting back into his action by defeating Kofi.

Let's go down to the whole process that went through the match

We went to the ring and The SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day - Kofi Kingston with Big E came out in the ring, we got eyes back with Joh Morrison and The Miz headed towards the ring. The Miz took the mic to say that what is wrong with you all the guys Last week John Morrison made his in-ring return after being 8 years away to the ring and what you did with him you booed on him. Its all because he is with him and maybe got changes. The Miz said he has not changed he is what he is known then The Miz went on to promote The miz and Ms. show. They both declared their Royal Rumble entrants.

The bailed blew to sign of the match beginning, Kofi Kingstone took john Morrison over the top rope on the ground, Big E was out there to have a laugh on him After the break, John was taking on Kofi as he made knee breaker on Kofi and went to finish off the work but Kofi still buckled out. Boo drop by Kofi Kingstone. he was ready to have more way up but he was disabled by John Morrison as he took the grab of attack. John Morrison went to launch a Spanish splash. he went for the cover but Kofi kicked out. The Miz climbed to the edge of the ring where was sent the ground by Kofi Kingstone. We saw John Morrison took Kofi in the pin he went up to the top of the ring post and won the match with his move.

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