WWE SmackDown latest news | match preview, Prediction

Anfostar Team Wed Dec 04, 2019
WWE SmackDown latest news | match preview, Prediction
Smackdown will feature_ king Corbin humiliating Roman, Daniel conditional place after The Fiend dragged him under the ring, Sheamus in-ring action and Alexa Bliss tagging with Nikki.

1. king Corbin is determined to humiliate Roman

None of the gimmicks has worked for king Corbin to humiliate Roman since he has been in a quest to be supreme above Roman by holding the Smackdown key in his hand so that he could get that kind of sublime power to flaunt over to be head of Smackdown but Roman is leaving no stones unturned to rate his best as a leader. on Survivor Series he was the last person to stand from the smackdown and even won it for Smackdown.

Things started getting hot on the stove just after having the accomplishment of Survivor Series. later on, Smackdown King Corbin tapped telling Roman that you are deluding yourself if you think I should come out and thank you because you won us the Smackdown but it was my fearless leadership that won it for Smackdown. He further said that He eliminated two people before Roman betrayed his team and got him eliminated.

Corbin said Roman’s ego couldn’t handle the fact that he was going to win and get the job done. which put Roman to boost himself by having a match with King Corbin but he sent Robert Roode instead. as by the results, Roman won the match by distorting Roode badly as well as King Corbin and Dolf Ziggler, which may have hurt Corbin somehow. Now WWE has revealed Corbin is coming on this Friday Night with firm determination to humiliate Roman.

2. Daniel conditional place after The Fiend dragged him under the ring

It is also being estimated that Smackdown will also feature the condition place of Daniel because last Friday Night he was dragged under the ring by "The Fiend" and showed ripping the hairs of Daniel. afterward, nothing has been clued about Daniel whether he harmed or not? just think about the situation of what could have happened with Daniel's hair.

3. Sheamus in-ring action

Smackdown will also feature the Sheamus' in-ring action who announced his retune on last Smackdown by showing himself through a video clip. to be genuine what makes us excited about Sheamus is that he challenged everyone to rip them down whoever stands in his way.

4. Alexa Bliss may seen tagging with Nikki

The last one that stands for Alexa Bliss return it will be so interesting to see Alexa making a tag with Nikki who have been best of tag teams.

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