WWE SmackDown match Results November 22,2019

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WWE SmackDown match Results November 22,2019

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On November 15, 2019

Quick Heading

Rhea Ripley(NXT) defeated Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat Match

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt washed out Daniel Bryan

The Undisputed ERA defeated The New Day and Heavy Machinery

Bayley attacked Shayna Baszler

It seems that NXT squad has been revealed for the Survivor Series

Match card and Winners

Welcome to you all here on Smackdown Live as the team Smackdown including Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross and others appeared steeping towards the ring, Sasha addressed that NXT has not any Guts as we humiliated them last time at their own house_ but putting the things down she did not hurry to call out Raw team as they were presented there and here comes Charlotte Flair with her teammates and with an instant alarm Charlotte challenged Sasha Banks to have one-on-one match but there was something which was about to be reminded and that got done with the entrance of NXT Team in the ring.

Ripley said "do you think we don't have guts to battle with you "so then why don't we make a triple threat match between captain vs captain so to verify the guts

Triple Threat Match

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley

The match kicks off Smackdown & NXT & Raw in the ring, fighting by devising their own way out, meanwhile Nikki Cross clashed with her own teammate Sasha banks but later it was settled down, Charlotte Flair pinned Sasha Banks but that was thrown back to the failure and Ripley won the match by penpal .with taking advantage.

Winner : Rhea Ripley by pinfall

Tag Team Match

The New Day and Heavy Machinery vs The Undisputed ERA

Winner : The Undisputed ERA by pinfall

Single Match

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

Daniel Brayan kicks off the conversation but just before showing a clip of last Smackdown. Daniel Bryan says he did not come out here to play with what he had only one thing he wanted to do but I am here to summon Bray Wyatt to have talk so to clear out some issues which we may have and that's how he summoned Wyatt to come down.

Wyatt turned the lights off, but he did not appear. Instead, Miz appeared to mind Daniel. As he approached the ring to a face-to-face conversation with Daniel. Miz came down saying that "you disrespected me last time when I had a talk with me, I wanted to help you by clearing out the issues But you disrespected me.the miz shaped daniel which resulted in an improvisation match. Bryan hits a flying elbow on Miz and got ready to innovate the yes! Moment but Daniel was thrown to the dark as Wyatt witnessed the match dismissal and pined daniel with the way that he did same on backstage Match result.

No Results

Baley attacked Sayana Besler from behind

Before having a conflict with Shayna a message was sent by Bayley from backstage She said " Shayna has always tapped me from behind she never came for face-to-face conflict but this time I am about to woop her face down because this time I am fully prepared to counter back. You never know Shayna Baszler entered the ring to bring out something before she could break out something Bayley attacked her from behind as for the same token and settle down the account with Beslar but later Baszler retained to get back to the rivalry with Bayley.

Tag Team Match

Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, and Shorty G vs King Corbin, Robert Roode, and Dolph Ziggler

Winner : King Corbin, Robert Roode, and Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

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