WWE Smackdown Dec. 6, 2019 | TLC Match Announcment : The Miz Vs The Fiend, Roman Vs Corbin, The Revival Vs The New Day

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 07, 2019
WWE Smackdown Dec. 6, 2019 | TLC Match Announcment : The Miz Vs The Fiend, Roman Vs Corbin, The Revival Vs The New Day
It's all about official here...Smackdown is ready to blow at TLC on December 15 as there were the three announcement from the Smackdown team_ Roman Reigns will face King Corbin in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, The New Day will defend their Tag-Team Championship against The Revival, The Miz will be collied with "The Fiend".

let's put a little bit more information in your mobile about what happened and how the story got started.

1. Singles Match

Roman Reigns Vs King Corbin (TLC match)

Well, on the backstage Roman was asked about King Corbin then he said that I am not worried about Corbin or anyone. He went on saying that at TLC, I will embarrass Corbin with a table, a ladder, or a chair. The match was already stipulated by us. In fact, there were some speculations on whether it will take place or not but the tickets have been sold out for this match and what makes you more extravagant about this match is that King Corbin stayed on his words by humiliating "The Big Dog" on Smackdown Dec.6. Technically Roman defeated Dolf Ziggler but later he was shackled with the ring to shower some chief stuff on Roman Reigns. Now it's over to Roman whether he would be enough to revenge of Corbin's bad deeds or Corbin continues to dragoon Reigns.?

2. WWE Tag-Team Championship match

The New Day Vs The Rivival

Tonight on Smackdown we got Old School as the no. 1 contender in Fatal 4 Way 1 Contender Elimination Match between Mustafa Ali and Shorty G vs. The Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery.

After the match there was still something to come out from The Rivival_ they said that it's a New Day no more, we're taking it back to the Old Days, the fundamentals, what brought them to the dance, old school, old fashioned, tag team wrestling. They said that before the TLC they can do what they like to do because after the TLC they are gonna snatch WWE Tag Team Championship and they can set behind crying on the matters because they got beat by the best tag team in WWE, The Revival.

3. Singles Match

"The Fiend" Vs The Miz

According to the speculations it was stipulated that Daniel may face Fiend at TLC but that was pulled to another direction, The Fiend now wants to play with The Miz by joining his family. After having entangled with Wyatt, Miz went in the frustration at the backstage, Soon we headed towards the backstage, he was looking much horrified with what was said by "The Fiend", and the wait was put to the bin as we saw the appearance of Wyatt. he distorted The Mizz as choosing the new family to play.

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