WWE Smackdown News | Bray Wyatt Attacks, New Title Face

Anfostar Team Sat Nov 30, 2019
WWE Smackdown News | Bray Wyatt Attacks, New Title Face
It has been a play game for Bray Wyatt with Daniel Brayan since Daniel entangled with Wyatt. last week on Survivor Series As The Friend ambushed Daniel to retained his title. As it was promised, WWE Universal Champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt uncovered a new face to the Firefly Fun House featuring his face covering the front which is A limited quantity first run of "The Find" Bray Wyatt Custom Handcrafted Titles by the Tom Savini. Wyatt took a message to Daniel which disclosed a rematch for the WWE Universal Championship he said that if Daniel wants to play with toys then he only has to do one thing is _ let me in.

Bryan cames to the ring to make his decision on taking the rematch. Daniel reinvented his most electrifying word "Yes" but Wyatt appeared from a hole in the ring and dragged Bryan under the stage. Wyatt then ripped off the hair of Daniel.

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