WWE Super ShowDown | Bayley Retains her SmackDown Women's Title

Anfostar Team Thu Feb 27, 2020
WWE Super ShowDown | Bayley Retains her SmackDown Women's Title
Naomi entered the ring, followed by Bayley in the back, earlier we saw SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley was backstage, who said today she will creat the history and prove to be ever dominative in WWE history.

The bail rang, and both the contenders stared at each other and they finally gold the lock Noamin pushed Baehly with a shoulder kick and she headed for something special but she was stopped by Bayley from behind to launch her aggression. Naomi backed in the match with Leg Drop on the face of Bayley. Noami held the hand of Bayley but she tried to get herself out of the ring. Naomi pushed Bayley outside of the ring. Bayley got back in the ring who faced Bayley at the entrance and Bayley instead threw Naomi on the ground.

A Running through by Bayley and then a Back Drop on Naomi, Bayley pinned Naomi into an intense hold by her hands, Naomi tried to open the lock but Bayley did not let so happen as she went to be dominative, Naomi was in the action with Backdrop on Bayley for the close tow counts. Bayley put her opponents on the ground for the cover but she had the survival to be back in the action.

Bayley attempted Cross jump from the top of the ring but Naomi came in the defense to not let her do so, but Bayley instead hold Naami for the submission as she trapped Naomi into her shirt and then apparently applying a Face Brust to win the match.

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