WWE Super ShowDown | Naomi Defeats Carmella To Challenge Bayley At Super ShowDown

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 22, 2020
WWE Super ShowDown | Naomi Defeats Carmella To Challenge Bayley At Super ShowDown
Welcome to Anfostar_Naomi stands for the right to challenge SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley at Super ShowDown as she defeated Carmell last night on SmacDown. Naomi has never got the defeat from Bayley and now she will try to continue to keep the sprit up.

Naomi was out in the ring to face Carmella, Carmella was the next to come down to face Naomi. Bayley was right there to look at the match. The bail rand and Naomi took Carmella in her grip. Naomi with back Slid on Carmella but she able to get it a leave. The fight was on the slow mood as they were rolling up each other for the pin.

Noami went round and round with Carmell in her hands, Carmell kicked Naomi out of the ring and went to hit but she was kicked by Naomi and she went on the top of the ring post where she was stopped by Bayley bring destruction into the match. Carmella took the advantage a covered Naomi for the two counts. Meanwhile, the referee made the official call to send Bayley of the stage. Carmella with a Skydive on Naomi.

Carmella with a Cross Body and went for the two close counts. Roll and up the show was down between both the competitors, Carmella pined in the submission move but Naomi hooked off and launched her move but she kicked out on two counts.

Carmella tried to have her way up with her move for the cover but Naomi was high enough to kick out and she hit the Superkick on Carmella to follow her move and pinned her to win the match.

SmackDown Women's Championship Match

Bayley vs Naomi

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