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WWE Super ShowDown | The Miz and Morrison become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Updated On: Thu Feb 27, 2020 By Anfostar Team


The Miz and Morrison was the first to enter the ring and they were followed by The New Day in the ring, the referee rang the bail and Big-G and The Miz stared the things off, they hold the lock but Big-E was a little enough to point the blank for The Miz to take him down.

Big-E had the some funny ways to entertain the audience, The Miz tagged with Morisson but he too was taken under the effect from Big-E, Kofi was followed by the instant tag in the match, Kofi had short of time after hitting few more hits on Morrison and handled Big-E to be in the fight. Big-G was driven into the barricade where The Mz hit Jaw Breaker.

Kofi and Morrison faced each other into the midsection of the ring, and he put the effects on Morisson to cause the destruction. Kofi hit a Superkick on Morrison which made him crestfallen. Kofi held the charge with SOS on Morrison, he went for the cover but it was kicked out. John Morrison made The Miz into the legal process who hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the cover but it was kicked out.

The time was over when John Morrison hit Kofi with a steel chair from outside of the ring and Kofi fell on the apron which took nothing to win the match and become the new champion.

Super Showdown John Morrison The Miz The New Day

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