WWE Superstar King Corbin gets Fined Unprofessional Display last Friday Night On SmackDown

Published on Sat Feb 15,2020 By Anfostar Team

Welcome to Anfostar_Last week Baron Corbin set the stage to fire when he dumped a drink on a fan and ranted raving in front of the WWE Universe who was stacking to be the hard fan for Roman Reigns, which leads to a charge from Roman Reigns that stops the royal pain dead in his tracks. He hit Baron Cornin into the barricade and then took him in the ring but Baron Corbin escaped his way out of the ring to exit. Before this, he also went towards the technical room to cause an employe into destruction.

Due to this unprofessional display, WWE put a statement on Baron. They said Per WWE Management, due to unprofessional conduct displayed by WWE Superstar King Corbin last Friday night on SmackDown, King Corbin has received a heavy fine and has been barred from competing on SmackDown this week.

Last night we saw came to Arena to relish the match between Roman Reign & Daniel Bryan vs The Miz and John Morrison. He came there with a ticket in hand and apparently showing him as an onlooker. He watched the ultimate end of the fight and finally he did what he does mostly, as Roman Reigns went on to celebrate the victory but it was cut off short by King Corbin who attacked him from behind and then going for a royal highness end.

Below is the full tweet from WWE for Baron Corbin

WWE Smackdown

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