WWE Superstar Ryback Joins AEW Dynamite?

Jitendra Jangir Wed May 06, 2020
WWE Superstar Ryback Joins AEW Dynamite?
WWE Superstar Ryback took to his twitter to complete the odds to join AEW Dynamite. Ryback shared a photo of himself wearing AEW T-Shirt with the caption 'I don't Know if I Did this right?'

A fan who made him considered to join AEW, Ryback replied by saying that "Thanks buddy. Once again have several more key stem cell procedures and main priority is growing @FMMNutrition as I’ve worked too hard to throw this momentum away. Once I’m ready and can commit the time needed I will see what my options are. I just wish you guys would".

Ryback is the one-time Intercontinental Champion in WWE. On May 2, it was reported that WWE had sent Reeves home from television due to a contract dispute, and he did not participate in a battle royal match he was promoted for. The following day on May 3, Reeves posted a long explanation on his personal Tumblr page, confirming that he himself made the decision to go home, and cited a lack of equal pay for talent and creative frustration as primary reasons for his departure.

On August 5, Reeves announced on Instagram that he and WWE had parted ways. Three days later, WWE released Ryback

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