WWE Superstars Reveal Their Childhood Crushes, Sasha Banks On Thanking Vince McMahon

Published on Thu Feb 13,2020 By Anfostar Team

Welcome to Anfostar_Severral WWE Superstar had the pop questions about Their Childhood Crushes, including Becky Lynch, Drew McIntyre and more WWE Superstars talk about which celebrities they crushed on.

Natalia revealed that her childhood crush would have to be Jonathan Taylor Thomas who an American actor and director. Drew was also one of them who revealed Pink ranger "Kimberly Hart" and Kelly Kapowski to be his childhood crush. Becky Lynch put Zachary 'Zack' Morris and said she always admired his poster. While Liv Morgan told that John Cena was her Childhood Crush, then it came down with Lacey Evans her husband to be her crush. She also revealed that her husband is still her biggest crush that she could have in entire life.

Baley opened up saying that her childhood crush was Kelly Kapowski who is an American model and actor best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model. Above is the full video to make it out.

Recently, we noted that Sasha Banks is out of the ring unlikely to have an ankle injury which was caused by Lacey Evans in a backstage turmoil. There is no word sofar relating to her return to WWE. The fact comes to reality when she took her to twitter to share his thanks to WWE for making her rich, Lastly, she mentioned Vince McMahon who always been a supportive hand for everyone in the company.

Below is the full tweet from Sasha Banks

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