WWE Survivor Series result | Brock vs Rey Championship match

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 31, 2020
WWE Survivor Series result | Brock vs Rey Championship match

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The most controversial match took place between Lesnar and Rey for the WWE Championship as well as holding No holds Barred and No Disqualification match.

Paul Heyman introduced his client "The Beast" and match kicked off but Rey went down and appeared with a long stick from which he beat The Beast but that caused no damages on Brock Lesnar. He then dragged Rey in and out of the ring. It looked that he was like playing with toys.

Rey got his kneelers in a twist as Brock applied back To back suplex city what but happened next was just laying you on the shock, as Rey's son appeared to have mercy on Rey Misterio but that was a trap, set for the Brock Lesner and they both started effecting Rampage over Brock, Rey's son came back in the ring with steel chair shots on Lesnar.

They did everything from launching Lucha move to beating with a steel chair but brock took over both of them and Rey came off the top but Lesnar caught him in mid-air with a big F5. he apparently lunched F5 on Rey Mysterio to retain his WWE Championship.

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