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WWE Survivor Series result | Woman's Triple Threat Match between Bayley, Shayna and Becky

Published on Mon Nov 25,2019 By Anfostar Team

Photo Credit: wwe.com

The most awaited match got the shape, finally no nasty tap from behind "it was a Strenght-proving match" where they put their best.

Bayley were supposed to be making more impact as becoming more ruthless to both of them, things quite went in favor of Becky as crowed chanted Becky! Becky! And that was too obvious to Becky to retain her might by getting enough to beat them, an firm determination was showcased by Shayna Baszler, she left Bayley to pin but Becky caused dismissal by jumping top of the rope.

Heading towards the match where Becky launched power to bang on Baszler and back to back disarmer by Becky looking for a submission but it was put to an end as Belay dismissed her all two competitors laid out on the ring and eventually Baszler threw Becky on the commentary box and dragged Bayley to the in-ring action, without putting in the wait she pinned Baley to submission and won the match by submission as well as naming the Survivor Series for NXT brand.

Becky Lynch's rampage over Shayna

After winning the Triple threat match by submission, Shayna headed towards Becky Lynch who was laying under the commentary box and it was too short for Becky to beat Baszler with a steel chair as Baszler climbed on commentary box out of the celebration and that's how she did an adequate end by bringing her best.

Survivor Series Becky Lynch Bayley Shayna Baszler

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