WWE TLC Latest News: The New Day wants to heat up the tag team championship

Anfostar Team Sun Dec 08, 2019
WWE TLC  Latest News: The New Day wants to heat up the tag team championship
While it's only a few days are left to channelize the TLC However, everyone is standing potentially relevant to their performance. Making a preference about TLC Matches_Only three contests has been authorized...Roman Reigns Vs King Corbin, The New Day vs The Revival(Tag-Team championship match), The Miz Vs The Fiend. let me know you something which has been confessed by The New Day earlier in a backstage interview.

The Revival showed their potential by becoming No. 1 contender for the WWE Tag-Team Championship against The New Day at TLC event. The Revival asserted taking an action against The New Day, They said that you can live your moments with the titles until the TLC because we gonna beat you down at TLC.

Afterward, The New Day were caught in the camera responding a purported question _The Revival have won the match, so now you will be defending you WWE Tag Team Championship against "The Revival" so what's the plane going on in your mind.

The New Day: We want to defend against the best and we have already said about it on the commentary box. We have got the best one as "The Revival" and if they wanna steep up to us", then it becomes our responsibility to put them down, and that's what gonna happen at TLC. Further, they said that look!! The WWE Tag-Team division has become a kind of cool down but it's not the question of ability, it's about a platform that you present and that have sharpened by us.

We think that after the Survivor Series, Tag Team division has become a boring contest and we want to recreat the energy and we consider that after the thanksgiving it's heating up and that's something what we want. we needed someone best to defend our title and it seems we have got the best in the form of "The Revival". iron sharpens the iron and that's how we increase our ability. It will be an eye for an eye on dec.15 at TLC.

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