WWE TLC Match Result | King Corbin defeats Roman Reigns

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 16, 2019
WWE TLC Match Result | King Corbin defeats Roman Reigns
We headed towards the match Between Roman Reigns and King Corbin and You should be busy bowing your head because Here came king Corbin to pick a fight with The Big Dog. He said that you don't have respect for your king that how to treat but if someone doesn't do it then I will force him to bend the knee. He waited for Roman to out and here came the big dog staring at Corbin.

The Security brought by King tried to attack at Roman but the Big dog punched everyone one by one. King Corbin also headed towards Roman Reigns with hanging a steel chair with him but he was too meet to the dust and with this clash, the match started. Roman Reigns looked to rip Corbin out of every side. Corbin utilize his power to come into the action.

This does not sometimes when you are trying to enjoy something. king hit the blend of chir on Roman Reigns, The Big Dog was sitting in the hell. King Corbin prepared to knock out Roman Reigns but stood by and launched superman punch to King and set his gear to beat down him Roman threw Corbin out of the ring and set to hit him with chairs but King Corbin again hit him with Dog's food, Corbin cleared out the commentary box to drop Roman on there but however, it was Roman who dropped him with Samoa move. Roman Reigns prepared for spear but he was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler and they tried to humiliate big dogs by showering Dogs' food but not this time going for their favor as the big dog hit one by one with taking a stick in his hand everybody was under the domination of Roman Reigns.

Later The Revival to interrupt Roman. He has everything with him, the security guards, Dolph and The Revival. They dragged Roman to apply shatter machine on Roman and eventually, Corbin hit the head of Roman to the steel chair and for the cover_1, 2, 3 he won as the booed over and did not like the action of Corbin as he got everything with him.

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