WWE TLC Match Result | Wyatt defeats The Miz, Daniel Reemerges in the ring

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 16, 2019
WWE TLC Match Result |  Wyatt defeats The Miz, Daniel Reemerges in the ring
we headed towards the match Between The Miz and The fiend as we knew that earlier Miz was caught backstage where he was asked about his family then he said she's fine and after last Friday, he decided to move his family to a safe location until all of this with Bray Wyatt is over. Miz gets serious and said this is the most important and most personal match of his career. He's not fighting as The Miz or as a WWE Superstar, he's fighting as a man protecting his family. he's willing to face anyone or anything to protect his family.

The Miz was in the ring with full aggression and resolution to beat down Fiend. He stared at Bray as he going to piss him off. Fans chanted "Yowie! Wowie!" before the match. The Miz subsequently attacked on him but nothing could harm him as he laughed on him. Wyatt took it off and finally fought back yet. Wyatt with a Big Sister Abigail from the barrier to the floor. Wyatt smiled some more now as the referee counted. Wyatt returned to the ring as well the Miz Wyatt immediately launched another Sister Abigail and covered for the pin to win.

After the match, Wyatt enjoyed his victory by laughing on him. Some times latter The Fied appeared on the big screen to order Wyatt for something that he prepared to do_ obesivouly it was just a reflection of the Fiend as they are the same character. He went out of the ring to bring a big hammer which he set under the ring. As he was ready to give an another hit then it came Daniel Brayan in the ring Fans chanted his name. Bryan launched in the corner with kicks to Wyatt, then back in with the running dropkick and that's how he proved to be superior.

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