WWE TLC Match Results, Recap, Cards, Highlights (Roman Reigns vs King Corbin)

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 16, 2019
WWE TLC Match Results, Recap, Cards, Highlights (Roman Reigns vs King Corbin)
Welcome to Anfostar, We are from Minneapolis Minnesota, Target Center. Roman Reigns will go one-on-one with King Baron Corbin in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, Tag-Team Championship match between Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch Vs Kabuki Warriors, The Miz will collide with "The Fiend" in One-On-One match, and The New Day to defend their Tag-Team Titles against The Revival.

Here we go!!

Singles Match

Humberto Carrillo vs. Andrade

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

Tag-Team Titles Match

The New Day Vs The Revival

The SmackDown titles are up in the air to be grabbed. First of it came the new day and then the revival. crowed cheering for the new day. Kofi sacrificed his own back to get The Revail on the problem. The Revival got ready to climb on the ladders but that was tapped out. Big-E pinned and ready for submission but got disrupted. The Revival got a hit of Ladders. Kofi tried to grab towards the titles bu here came the Revival but Kofi was quit enough as hold himself on the top of the rope and dashed The Revival on the ground.

Big-G arrayed two ladders side by side in the ring and then he went for bringing another ladder. nobody knew what was going on in the BiG's Mind. Here came the suplex from Big-G to The Revival. Top guy teamwork was on the display. The Revival and The New were on the Ladders. what spectral was that? as the Kofi hit the tittle on the front to The Revival and Kofi stretched his towards the titles and they won. The New Day retained their titles against The New Day.

Winners: The New Day

Singles Match

Aleister Black Vs Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy came to the by resolving a fight against Alester. They both sit side by side and started staring at each other and The bail blew off. We were hyped. Buddy got Alester to stretched out but he came out as the crowd we cheering. He then threw Buddy out of the ring. Buddy back to the ring by making a superkick by standing at the edge of ring. Buddy pushed Alester for another attempted to dash out him

Alester made his superkick under the jaw to Buddy and went for the cover_1, 2, kicked out. such a huge match both were claiming to dominate the ring. Alester blak launched his black clash to pin Buddy and went for cover_1, 2, 3. Alester defeated him to pick a victory.

Winner: Aleister Black

Open Challenge for the RAW Tag Team Titles

The Viking Raiders Vs The O.C.

After the match The Viking Raiders stood tall in the ring to issue a challenge. they said is there is anyone who has got the guts to challenge us and take these form here. they waited for someone to come out and here came The O.C. They said we are the best tag-tam team in the world and said to issue an open challenge proved that you are lame, just like Minneapolis we gonna finish the story of your title today and then headed towards the ring and got a kick. Erik tried to mount offense but Anderson caught him with a big Spinebuster. Ivar leaped off the apron and crashed down both challengers as the referee counted. Everyone was still down on the outside as the referee called out the match.

Winner: The Viking Raiders, victory followed by Double Count Out

singles match of ladders, Tables, and Chairs

Roman Reigns Vs King Baron Corbin

You should be busy bowing your head because Here came king Corbin to pick a fight with The Big Dog. He said that you don't have respect for your king that how to treat but if someone doesn't do it then I will force him to bend the knee. He waited for Roman to out and here came the big dog staring at Corbin. The Security brought by King tried to attack at Roman but the Big dog punched everyone one by one. King Corbin also headed towards Roman Reigns with hanging a steel chair with him but he was too meet to the dust and with this clash, the match started. Roman Reigns looked to rip Corbin out of every side. Corbin utilize his power to come into the action.

This does not sometimes when you are trying to enjoy something. king hit the blend of chir on Roman Reigns, The Big Dog was sitting in the hell. King Corbin prepared to knock out Roman Reigns but stood by and launched superman punch to King and set his gear to beat down him Roman threw Corbin out of the ring and set to hit him with chairs but King Corbin again hit him with Dog's food, Corbin cleared out the commentary box to drop Roman on there but however, it was Roman who dropped him with Samoa move. Roman Reigns prepared for spear but he was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler and they tried to humiliate big dogs by showering Dogs' food but not this time going for their favor as the big dog hit one by one with taking a stick in his hand everybody was under the domination of Roman Reigns.

Later The Revival to interrupt Roman. He has everything with him, the security guards, Dolph and The Revival. They dragged Roman to apply shatter machine on Roman and eventually, Corbin hit the head of Roman to the steel chair and for the cover_1, 2, 3 he won as the booed over and did not like the action of Corbin as he got everything with him.

Winner: King Corbin, victory followed by pinfall

Next, we headed towards the match Between The Miz and The fiend as we knew that earlier Miz was caught backstage where he was asked about his family then he said she's fine and after last Friday, he decided to move his family to a safe location until all of this with Bray Wyatt is over. Miz gets serious and said this is the most important and most personal match of his career. He's not fighting as The Miz or as a WWE Superstar, he's fighting as a man protecting his family. he's willing to face anyone or anything to protect his family.

Singles Match

The Miz Vs The Fiend

The Miz was in the ring with full aggression and resolution to beat down Fiend. He stared at Bray as he going to piss him off. Fans chanted "Yowie! Wowie!" before the match. The Miz subsequently attacked on him but nothing could harm him as he laughed on him. Wyatt took it off and finally fought back yet. Wyatt with a Big Sister Abigail from the barrier to the floor. Wyatt smiled some more now as the referee counted. Wyatt returned to the ring as well the Miz Wyatt immediately launched another Sister Abigail and covered for the pin to win.

Winner: The Fiend, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Wyatt enjoyed his victory by laughing on him. Some times latter The Fied appeared on the big screen to order Wyatt for something that he prepared to do_ obesivouly it was just a reflection of the Fiend as they are the same character. He went out of the ring to bring a big hammer which he set under the ring. As he was ready to give an another hit then it came Daniel Brayan in the ring Fans chanted his name. Bryan launched in the corner with kicks to Wyatt, then back in with the running dropkick and that's how he proved to be superior.

Singles Match for the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

Rusev Vs Bobby Lashley

Both were set to embrace each other Bobby Lashley attacked him out of the ring but the match could start. Meanwhile, the Rusev went to another side to bring out a steel barricade which expressed that he was not happy beating him down with those legal weapons. Lana looked worried at ringside. Lana tricked Rusev by running in and jumping on Rusev's back and clawing at his face which brought an advantage for Lashley. He took a stick to harm Rusev and he did it. Lana got happy with this as she applauding for Bobby Lashley but that went for a while as Rusev came back in the assault to Bobby. nothing was qute easy for Rusev as Bobby came right back and launched Rusev through a table in another corner to get the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley, victory followed by pinfall

TLC Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles

RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors

The Match started where Charlotte and Becky took a lead by dashing down Kabuki Warriors, thew out of the ring. They had got everything to use and hit them up back to back with Chairs and others. Sofar The Man and Charlotte were making their impact and never let them hit. The Man and Charlotte way up up to the titles but what was there with Kari Sane as she threw Steels Chairs in the ring and later in order to stop it Becky went down to see what actually happening as she went under the ring where she was made unworthy to see by spreading smoke on her. Kabuki had got the rope in their hands, back to back hit on both of them. It was called total destruction coming from Kabuki. They tied Becky with Ladder, Charlotte tried to free her up but she too was hit with a chair. Kari sane climbed on the commentary box to fly down on Becky who seeking under the help but it was a missed attempt as Becky immediately freed herself out. The Queen and The Man were on the attacking mood by decorating Tabbles for Kabuki.

The kabuki warriors went back to the assault by adding a German suplex on Becky Lynch by Kari sane and some back hits of the chair on Charlotte flair. Both were laid down to the rest as kabuki warriors headed forward to hold the titles but that was not going to come easy for them because The Man blasted both of them by sending them down to the ring ground. Charlotte climbed to the ring post to fly back on Asuka but got dumped instead which took a lot of harm for Charlotte Flair she was barely able to move. Meanwhile, Becky continued her domination on Kabuki Warriors but could not stop for enough. She prepared to grab titles but Kari sane pulled the rope which was sticking to the Ladder and that got down Becky. Kabuki Warriors piled up Ladders, Chairs, and Tabbles on both of them to make them unable to move so they could the titles without disruption. but it was not easy for them as Becky came up to the ring harming them but one could not make on two. she was thrown out of the ring and Asuka climbed to retrieve the titles to retain and won the match.

Winners: The kabuki warriors

After the match, Asuka stood tall on the ladders with the titles to celebrate the victory. Her celebration was cut to the short as Smackdown locker room emerged out into the arena from the backstage area including Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin as the main cause for this brawl as well as ew saw The Revival, The New Day, The OC, Dolph Ziggler, and others involved. Roman Reigns and King Corbin Taking The brawl all over the place Reigns took down Corbin to send him off the stage level. And Here was declared the final view of the event, Superstars were laying down on the ground. That's I was called to the showdown.

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