WWE TLC Match announcement : Bobby and Rusev are set to have Tables match at TLC

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 10, 2019
WWE TLC Match announcement : Bobby and Rusev are set to have Tables match at TLC
Monday Night Raw was full of tricky ways and thrilling action coming from two broken hearts as Lana and Rusev officially split up Today. from concerning this situation Rusev and Bobby Lashley are set to get a boost for the Tables to match at TLC Pay-Prew event, to happen on Dec. 15, 2019, It was all truly much anticipated by us that Rusev and Bobby will have stipulated match at TLC. Now it's gone through a confirmation that they will have a Tables match.

The protest is never coming to an end between Lana and Rusev, ever since they have vowes to split up. Now It's official that they will be living a separated life from now on. Let me tell me actually what set a match between Rusev and Bobby.

Lawler introduced Lana first and she came with a lawyer. Rusev and Lana both were ready to sign after having a lot of misconception. eagerly Lana first signed the divorce paper and when it was the turn for Rusev_ he made a point saying that I want a fight with Bobby Lashley as headed to speak further, he was interrupted as Lashley to the ring. Lashley said after this ridiculous divorce is over I am going to ask Lana to marry me.

Rusev went on saying that she is all Lashley's, he doesn't care because Lana is just bad!! In this matter, Bobby got aggressive and headed to fight with Rusev bu Lana stopped them. Rusev signed the paper and Bobby got his payback with him as he started to attack him but Rusev again uprise kicking, Lana yelled out of them and the divorce process went off the air.

Single Match

Bobby Lashley Vs Rusev(Tables match)

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