WWE TLC News | The New Day gives a well-deserved direction to The Revival at TLC

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 16, 2019
WWE TLC News | The New Day gives a well-deserved direction to The Revival at TLC
Kofi & Big-E are always ready for the biggest and baddest competition. The SmackDown Tag-Team champions give Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson a well-deserved direction following a sensational Ladders match at WWE TLC. After defeating The Revival, The New Day praised for them. Kofi said you gotta tip your hand for the Revival, they are too talented, they are an amazing tag-team and doing their best for a long time and tonight was the true test. He said we always wanna go up against the best no matter what. We grabbed our best. They said an iron sharpens iron and tonight they were the iron.

Let's get back to the match what they did actually and how the actions became a reaction

The SmackDown titles are up in the air to be grabbed. First of it came the new day and then the revival. crowed cheering for the new day. Kofi sacrificed his own back to get The Revail on the problem. The Revival got ready to climb on the ladders but that was tapped out. Big-E pinned and ready for submission but got disrupted. The Revival got a hit of Ladders. Kofi tried to grab towards the titles bu here came the Revival but Kofi was quit enough as hold himself on the top of the rope and dashed The Revival on the ground.

Big-G arrayed two ladders side by side in the ring and then he went for bringing another ladder. Nobody knew what was going on in the BiG's Mind. Here came the suplex from Big-G to The Revival. Top guy teamwork was on the display. The Revival and The New were on the Ladders. What spectral was that? as the Kofi hit the tittle on the front to The Revival and Kofi stretched his towards the titles and they won. The New Day retained their titles against The New Day.

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