WWE TLC Results | The Kabuki Warriors defeats Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 16, 2019
WWE TLC Results | The Kabuki Warriors defeats Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs everything was guaranteed there. We got full actions as we did landed in our minds just every moment was like making you stand from where you were sitting. It was like the action starts from where it finished off. I am going to lead you to a Tag-Team match Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair Vs The Kabuki Warriors.

The Match started where Charlotte and Becky took a lead by dashing down Kabuki Warriors, thew out of the ring. They had got everything to use and hit them up back to back with Chairs and others. Sofar The Man and Charlotte were making their impact and never let them hit. The Man and Charlotte way up up to the titles but what was there with Kari Sane as she threw Steels Chairs in the ring and later in order to stop it Becky went down to see what actually happening as she went under the ring where she was made unworthy to see by spreading smoke on her.

Kabuki had got the rope in their hands, back to back hit on both of them. It was called total destruction coming from Kabuki. They tied Becky with Ladder, Charlotte tried to free her up but she too was hit with a chair. Kari sane climbed on the commentary box to fly down on Becky who seeking under the help but it was a missed attempt as Becky immediately freed herself out. The Queen and The Man were on the attacking mood by decorating Tabbles for Kabuki.

The kabuki warriors went back to the assault by adding a German suplex on Becky Lynch by Kari sane and some back hits of the chair on Charlotte flair. Both were laid down to the rest as kabuki warriors headed forward to hold the titles but that was not going to come easy for them because The Man blasted both of them by sending them down to the ring ground. Charlotte climbed to the ring post to fly back on Asuka but got dumped instead which took a lot of harm for Charlotte Flair she was barely able to move. Meanwhile, Becky continued her domination on Kabuki Warriors but could not stop for enough.

She prepared to grab titles but Kari sane pulled the rope which was sticking to the Ladder and that got down Becky. Kabuki Warriors piled up Ladders, Chairs, and Tabbles on both of them to make them unable to move so they could the titles without disruption. but it was not easy for them as Becky came up to the ring harming them but one could not make on two. she was thrown out of the ring and Asuka climbed to retrieve the titles to retain and won the match.

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