WWE TLC prediction : Match Card, Rumors, Date and venue

Anfostar Team Fri Dec 06, 2019
WWE TLC prediction : Match Card, Rumors, Date and venue
Loo and Behold!!! The session of winter and the occasion of Christmas is making its direction towards WWE TLC Pay-Per-View Event of the year. TLC is pondered to be extensively inevitable and hazardous because it includes Tables, Ladders, and Chairs as well considered to be the legal process to pick any of them which even feels dazzling in hearkening to everyone. This year's WWE TLC event is marked to take a live shot on Sunday, Dec. 15 at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

Though the scorching hot fights are beefing among the WWE Superstars. but even a single match has not been notified for the upcoming Show of TLC. Vince McMahon may have some specific intentions to delay the announcement for matches but we prevail upon some basic contents of our policy to tell you prediction wise. We don't contain any stipulations of the matches but as much as our experience concerned we tell you the predicted-matches.

Upcoming estimated matches for SmackDown...

1. Singles Match(Tables match)

Roman Reigns Vs King Corbin (locked the horn)

The history of King Corbin and Roman Reigns has been for questing for brand supremacy since they have been hooked for the fight. We have seen that Corbin vowed to humiliate Roman so this exclusive process may deliver a match at TLC.

2. WWE Universal Championship Triple Threat Match

Daniel Bryan Vs Bray Wyatt Vs Sheamus( ladders match)

We have perfectly locked the horn on Daniel And Wyatt for the TLC Universal match but we may be sighted upon the suspension of Sheamus addition in the match. Recently Sheamus has opened up his new contract with WWE on Smackdown but he is to be seen in-ring action yet. One thing for sure he may like to hook a big fish instead small one. So on this Smackdown Sheamus might come to disrupt Daniel and "The Friend".

3. WWE Tag-Team Championship match

The New Day Vs Robert Rood and Dolf Ziggler( TLC Match)

4. WWE International Championship Match

Shinsuke Nakamura(C) Vs Braun Strowman(TLC match)

Upcoming Estimated Matches for Raw...

1. WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair Vs Kabuki Warriors(TLC match )

Widely known tag-team, Becky & Charlotte have already wrestled against Kabuki Warriors but that was kind of distribution which could not bring any cause of victory. Now they might be seen teaming up on TLC against Kabuki Warriors.

2. Singles Match

Kevin Owens Vs Seth Rollins ( Tables match )

We have seen the rivalry brewing solid between Kevins and Seth Rollins. AOP are also making a destructive way to both of them. It has been unclear for Kevin Owens whether AOP are with Seth Rollins or not.

3. Single Match

Randy Orton Vs AJ Style ( tables match)

On Last Monday Night Raw Randy Orton Finished up the game by launching an RKO on AJ Styles. I would like to inform you that this feud began to take place weeks ago when Rey Mysterio won the United States Championship by defeating AJ Styles. Among the ongoing match, Randy Orton came out and Offered RKO on AJ Styles which became the causative victory. Now the brawl continues to get intensive.

4. Singles Match

Bobby Lashley Vs Rusev( TLC Match )

You could lock this match for TLC because the kind of onerous mixed story going on last few days. It the bunch of Love story, restraining orders, arresting process, divorce and so on. Seeing these all things we might have decided a match between Rusev and Bobby Lashley.

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