WWE The Horror Show At Extreme Rules: Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio In An Eye For An Eye Match

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jul 20, 2020
WWE The Horror Show At Extreme Rules: Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio In An Eye For An Eye Match
Seth Rollins walked down into the ring, he had a Plier in his hand, he looked to set into the ring, Rey Mysterio out of nowhere attacking Seth Rollins with a Dropkick, He prepared for the 619, but Seth Rollins made it way out. Seth Rollins out of the ring, hitting Rey with Stick, Back into the ring, Rey set Seth Rollins up hanging on the rope, he went for 619, but Seth Rollins slid from there.

Rollins a huge drop to Rey on to the hardest part of the ring on the apron. Seth Rollins, we fro the left eye for Rey, but Rey got out. Seth Rollins with Streel chair shots, Rey rolled away into the ring. Seth Rollins dragging Rey through the steel stairs. Seth Rollins back into the ring with Kendo Stick.

Seth Rollins and Rey fought off out of the ring, Rey Mysterio drove Seth Rollins through the commentary box, Rey Mysterio forcing Seth Rollins with Steel Chair, Rey got toolbox getting some stuff out of it. Seth with a shots back with Steel Chair and grabbed him on the apron, apparently snacking his eye, but Rey drove Seth into the turnbuckle, both into the ring, Seth Rollins with kendo stick attack.

Seth Rollins set Off Kendo stick on the turnbuckle in the vertical shape, Seth Rollins Caught Rey and tried to have Rey through the Kendo stick, but Rey with His move turning the things up, Rey up to the top rope for the jump. Seth with Powerbomb, and then looked for the Stomp, but suddenly, Rey with Tornado DDT to Seth Rollins. Rey stood tall at the apron, Seth Rollins lifts Rey on his shoulder, Rey got Kendo stick to hit it on Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio drove Seth Rollins into the barricade twice.

Rey now with Kendo tearing it apart and dug it into Seth's eye, Seth Rollins got the damages but got out of it. Rey with 619. Seth Rollins out of the ring, Seth Rollins suddenly, got Rey to cause his eye crashing through the steel stairs, but Rey instead with a Stomp.

Rey looked to dig the eye, Suddenly, Seth Rollins with a low blow to get out of it. Seth Rollins landed Stomp, Seth Rollins was close to damage Rey's Eye into the steel stairs, we saw Seth Rollins turning his eye off Rey Mysterio, as The referee brought the bail with Seth Rollins as the winner.

Winner : Seth Rollins

Dominik headed towards the ring with the medical team to take Rey out for the care. Seth Rollins Vomited out seeing the all the situation.

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