WWE To Reviews Nia Jax Vs. Asuka

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 18, 2020
WWE To Reviews Nia Jax Vs. Asuka
After their WWE Backlash battle ended in a double countdown, The Empress of Tomorrow and The Irresistible Force clash in a rematch for the Raw Women’s Title. The match ended in a much controversial fashion.

During the match Nia Jax fed up with the referee John Cone, Jax shoved the official to the canvas. This would enrage Cone and he went to disqualify The Irresistible Force.

Suddenly, Asuka did a favor to Nia Jax at least no to let her disqualify. Asuka rolled up Jax for the three-count, albeit a controversial one, as there were questions of whether it was a fast count.

Now, WWE is reviewing on the match and will soon be able to conduct any possible decision.

The referee Cone also explained that Jax shoved him to the mat for refusing to count a pin while Asuka’s foot was under the rope, and He makes the count when the foot is under the rope, so in the fact, Nia Jax could push Asuka for the another cover but she instead shoved me. According to the WWE rules, you can't put a referee into any kind of damages, otherwise, he or she will be disqualified. As he turned, he saw Asuka rolling-up Nia so he made the count.

He said, his count was a clean count, he has got no doubt on it. WWE will now soon make a statement after reviewing the match.

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Image Credit: WWE

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