WWE Top 10 Most Followed Superstars On Instagram & Twitter

Anfostar Team Fri Feb 05, 2021
WWE Top 10 Most Followed Superstars On Instagram & Twitter
The largest wrestling promotion in the world, holding over 500 events a year, with the roster divided up into various globally traveling brand. Since its inception On January 7, 1953; 67 years ago, WWE has gone to accomplish so much worth not comparable.

WWE has its three official enormous brands including Raw, SmackDown and, NXT.

There have been plenty of Wrestler in WWE but certain have remarked the milestone with their social media activation, the one who did great wrestling throughout his career has earned a lot of fame from his fans all around the world and that is The Rock who has a vast majority of fans on social media if, compares to other wrestlers of any promotion.

After The Rock, we led to John Cena Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and others. You believe it or not but social media breaks out with the most exciting news. In a place, feuds are created and they turn out to be the fight with an instant. The source of a wide range of coverage which taps out every day with cost-giving concern.

The following card was last updated on February 5, 2021.

Top 10 most-followed WWE superstars On Twitter
S.No. Account name Username Followers Following
1 Dwayne Johnson TheRock 14.9M 292
2 John Cena JohnCena 12.5M 170.5K
3 Triple H TripleH 7.4M 31
4 Randy Orton RandyOrton 6.1M 614
5 Sheamus WWESheamus 4.8M 632
6 Steve Austin steveaustinBSR 4.6M 659
7 Daniel Bryan WWEDanielBryan 4.6M 159
8 Roman Reigns WWERomanReigns 4M 60
9 Shawn Michaels ShawnMichaels 4M 58
10 Seth Rollins WWERollins 3.8M 205
Top 10 most-followed WWE superstars On Instagram
S.No. Account name Username Followers Following
1 therock therock 199M 390
2 John Cena johncena 14.4M 0
3 Ronda Rousey rondarousey 13.1M 1,574
4 Nikki Bella thenikkibella 9.6M 571
5 Brie Bella thebriebella 7.8M 785
6 Paul Triple H Levesque tripleh 6.1M 7
7 Saraya Bevis realpaigewwe 5.8M 995
8 Randy Orton randyorton 5.8M 262
9 The Man beckylynchwwe 5M 692
10 Mercedes Varnado sashabankswwe 5M 2,596

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Image Credit: WWE

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