WWE Top 10 WrestleMania 36 Part 2 Shocking Moments, Aftermath Championship Match

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 07, 2020
WWE Top 10 WrestleMania 36 Part 2 Shocking Moments, Aftermath Championship Match
WrestleMania 36 Part 1 and Part 2 had a massive hit in WWE WrestleMania history card. The only WrestleMania to include 2 night with two incredible and never-seen-before matches, one being with that of the Boneyard Match and the second being with Firefly Fun House match. As it noted by WWE that WrestleMania 36 was a massive hit on the internet.

WrestleMania 36 Part 2 included 8 matches as well as one Kicks-off match. The incredible showdown from Drew McIntyre dazzled even Brock Lesnar by kick out with an instant 1 count. Brock Lesnar could have belive at once but then Drew broke the Three more F5 delivered by Brock Lesnar just before being fired up by 4 Claymore Kicks. Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley to become the new NXT Women's Champion in her second reign.

Bayley defended her title successfully in a Five-woman Elimination match. Edge showed his potential by defeating Randy Orton in a dazzling Last Standing match. The Fiend had his bout with John Cena in a Firefly Fun House match which Bray Wyatt won by applying Mandible Claw. The Street Profits retained their titles, Aleister Black had nothing but a Black Mass highly enough to defeat Bobby Lashley.

Drew McIntyre got his title shot against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

Rhea Ripley defended her NXT Women title against Charlotte Flair.

Bayley Defended Her SmackDown Title In A Five-Way Elimination Match

John Cena and The Fined fought in a Firefly Fun House match

Edge and Randy Orton meet in a Last Man Standing match


1. Drew McIntyre defeated WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

We were next up for the main event of the WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar Vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE championship.f Drew McIntyre entered the ring and then The Beast Brock Lesnar. The bail rang and they both confronted eyes to eyes at the middle of the ring. Brock Lesnar had the instant attack on Drew McIntyre into the turnbuckle. Suddenly Drew ripped the way with a sudden Claymore kick on Brock Lesnar and went for the cover but he kicked out at two. Drew repaired for another Claymore Kick but this time Brock Lesnar had German Suplex. Brock grabbed Drew for another German Suplex. Brock Lesnar with F5 on Drew but he kicked out with a shocking 1 count. Brock could not believe just what happened. He held Drew for another F5 but this time had the kick out at two, Brock executed another F5 but another shocking kick out brought up Drew.

Brock was completely in shock seeing the kind of efforts from Drew. He then went to prepare another F5 but this time Drew turned it into a Claymore Kick on Brock. Drew Executed four consecutive Claymore Kick and went for the cover for the pin Brock Lesnar to win the match and that how we got the new WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

2. Charlotte Flair became the new champion.

We started the things off with Queen Charlotte Flair walking down to the ring. We showed how Charlotte Flair chose to get the title shot against NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley.

Rhea Ripley walked out in the ring to defend her title against Charlotte Flair who was waiting for her in the ring. They both looked at each other. The bail rang Charlotte Flair took the damage on Rhea's left with a push to take down her, Charlotte laughed saying that this our NXT Champion. Charlotte Flair with a chop on her Rhea's chest, Rhea with Riptide on Charlotte, she covered her but kicked out at two. Charlotte walked out of the ring while, the referee continued for the count, Charlotte entered the ring but again escaped from the ring, Charlotte Flair turned the way to come down at Rhea, She started hitting the blows on Reah at the apron.

Rhea hooked the way off by causing the damages on Charlotte, She backed Flair back into the ring, Ripley tried to hit Flair but failed at the top of the rope when Flair targeted her left leg by tossing through the ring rope, Charlotte Flair with Rhea's leg through the leg twice, Rhea took the lead by sending Flair into the ring post. Rhea got the relief for a while but still, The Queen was in complete control in the match, Flair laughed on her. Rhea with face brust on Charlotte, Superkick from Rhea and then a Drop Kick to lead the damages, Rhea was struggling to get out of the pain. Charlotte Flair blocked the kick from Rhea and threw her out of the ring.

Rhea got back into the ring to get the lead again into the match, she launched a Dropkick and climbed on the top of the ring for another massive Dropkick, she went for the cover but kicked out at two. Rhea Ripley with her submission move but Charlotte made the way out by breaking the submission. Charlotte now with her own Submission but could make Rhea to tap out, Rhea surprised us with a Big Boot on Charlotte and went for the cover but kicked out at two. They both went to roll up each other. Ripley now took Flair at the top of the ring post but instead got thrown from the turnbuckle, Flair flew at her but she had her knees up and Charlotte went crashing down, finally, Flair had Figure-Eight Leglock to let Rhea tap out.

3. Baylay defended her title successfully

Sasha Banks the first entrance in the ring and Lacey Evans, Tamina Snuka Naomi and Bayley were the following entrance. The bail rang and rest of the four competitors took the charge on Tamina all alone at the middle of the ring. They sent Tamina tossing through the ring rope. Bayley ordered Sasha to work as a team. They both led the charge on Naomi and Lacey. We saw another teamwork from Lacey Evans and Naomi who laid down the blows on Bayley and Sasha Banks separately, both of the friends were helpless at the middle of the ring. Tamina came into the ring and launched the superkicks on each the competitors. We saw everyone targeted Tamina with high fly from the top of the turnbuckle and they finally pilled up together to for the cover to eliminate Tamina.

Tamina was the first to be eliminated by all competitors

Now, Sasha Banks and Bayley worked according to the teamwork, which gave a idea to Lacey and Naomi to team up so that they could do the cause on them. Bayley and Sasha were out of the ring in order to conspire the planned. Meanwhile, Lacey and Naomi came from behind to lit up the damages, it went for a while as Sasha and barley exploded them by sending through the ring. Sasha Banks had her Submission move to eliminate her.

Naomi was eliminated by Sasha Banks

Now, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Lacey were all three in the match, they had some trash talk into the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, a crazy thing happened Bayley tired to hit Lacey but instead ran into her friend Sasha Banks. Now, Bayley and Sasha had argued into the middle of the ring, suddenly Lacey Evans had her Women's right to eliminate Banks.

Sasha Banks eliminated by Lacey Evans

Now, Lacey and Bayley fought all over the match, subsequently, Sasha Banks entered the ring to distract Lacey and then Bayley took the advantage applying her move to win the match.

4. John Cena and The Fined fought in a Firefly Fun House match

John Cena entered the ring and he just said welcome to...and meanwhile, The Fiend appeared on the big screen to lead John Cena a different location. It dark room behind the door. The Fiend entred in the ring calling John Cena back in it. John entered the room whereby a puppet told him to entre the door which had The Fiend inside it.

John Cena was all about in the door, whereby another puppet reminded him another thing and that was his Ruthless Aggression. John Cena had different kinds of characters as he used to be in the past. Nobody could imagine what was happening in the match. Wyatt is in the ring now. We see flashes from Cena's debut with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle years ago. Wyatt returns the promo Angle cut that night. We saw John Cena in the ring wearing his Prototype gear. Wyatt asked what makes him think he can hang with Wyatt. Cena says ruthless aggression. Bray Wyatt kept asking him to say that again. We saw fitness gym bro version of Wyatt and then Dr. of Thuganomics gear he brought back at WrestleMania last year.

We also saw nWo version with John Cena and The Fiend as team members and then we saw in an original version of John Cena. The Fiend appeared from behind to have Mandible Claw to win the match.

5. Edge and Randy Orton meet in a Last Man Standing match

Edge walked down to the ring being the entrance to face off Randy Orton in a Last Standing Match. The Music hit but The Viper did not appear from the entrance. Edge was waiting for Randy to come down. We saw a glitch that Randy Orton disguised himself as the camera and then came into the ring to launch RKO on Edge. The asked Edge to ring the bail. The bail rang and we saw Randy Orton had another RKO o Edge.

The referee counted up to 7 and Edge went out of the ring, Randy pursuit him back to land the camera on Randy Orton and then sent him over the barricade with a big right hand. Randy took Edge into the backstage area and they ended up into a ZYM whereby Randy benefited by using the tools from there, Randy Orton brought weighted and tended to land it on Edge but instead him got it right back to his face.

Edge was fully in the control by ripping him through the ZYM, Edge tired to hit Randy but The Viper sent through the box. They left the ZYM and came near to the garage, where Edge let Randy run into the steel garage door, the referee counted up to 6 and Randy back to his feet, They again came into he ringside whereby Randy sent Randy though the barricade which led the referee for 6 counts, they crossed another way now passing by the way to the office area.

dge high above the sealing and launched himself on Randy Orton. The count was broken at 7 by Randy. They both left the office and went ahead. Randy Orton hit a cameraman who came off with the camera. They went back and forth in the entire WWE Performance Center. Randy Orto looked to be zest on Edge, once he made Edge count up to 9, Randy now targeted Edge's leg for the damage.

The fight and counts getting exchanges, Edge set Randy on a table and himself claimed on the ladder in the wake to launch himself on the table. Edge finally had Elbow cut on Randy Orton from the ladder through the table. Randy got up until the referee had 7 counts. Now Randy took the hammer shots on Edge.

Now Randy Orton Edge were on the top of the pick-up truck, Randy ordered referee that he doesn't even need to count, meanwhile Randy had DDT on the pickup, we saw Edge climbing high above the NXT sign, Randy also followed his feet, Randy backed himself to do something craziest but Edge landed a massive Spear on Randy. The Referee counted up to 7. Edge prepared for another Spear but this time he underwent the failure as Ranay instead had his RKO on high above the NXT sign. Edge was barely able to get back on his feet at 9 counts until Randy could bring some chairs from the downside, Randy landed some steel hits on Edge and prepared for another but this time Edge had submission move to make him down. We saw Edge filling with emotions while hitting the steel chairs and finally Edge landed the steel chair hits to make Ranay unable to get back up on his feet.

6. The Street Pfrofits retained their titles.

The Street Profits was to defend their RAW Tag Team Championships against Austin Theory and Garza. Angelo Dawkins and Austin started the things off. Angelo Dawkins brought about everything which he could bring about, we saw The Street Profits working as steel to be unbreakable. Meanwhile, Austin had the chance when he sent Angelo Dawkins out of the ring with a big boot.

Angelo Dawkins somehow tagged with Angelo Dawkins who fired up the ring with his truly tremendous move. finally, The Street Profits had their move to win the match. After the match Austin Theory and Garza caught The Street and to let Zelina hit her the Superkick, suddenly we saw NXT Women Bianca and applied KOD on Zalina.

7. Liv Morgan won the match against Natalya.

Natalya kicked off the WrestleMania 36 night 2 to pick her fight with Liv Morgan. She was followed by Liv Morgan. THe Baial rang and Natalya looked for the submission, Liv Morgan hooked it off, Natalya with a cover but kicked out at two, they had trash talk at the middle of the ring. Natalya with a single leg of Liv Morgan for the submission move but Liv escaped from it. Natalya with Backdrop, Liv tried to get back in the match, Natalya with Closelien on the apron, Liv Morgan fell outside of the ring, she drags and hooked Liv in her submission move, Liv screaming out of pain but was not ready to tap out, Liv with a Backdrop, Liv tried to roll up for the cover but kicked out at two.

Natalya looked to get to hold on in the match as she continued to put her submission moves on Liv, she tired with another Suplex with a cover but Liv kicked out at two. Later we saw the bunch of exchanges with rollings. Natalya rolled her up but she got the way out, Liv finally rolled her up to win the match.

8. Otis got his peach Mandy Rose.

We saw caming the most personal match in WWE, Dolph Ziggler with Sonya Deville entered the ring. They were followed by Otis into the ring. Otis looked to be much raged. The bail rang and Otis repeated some blows on Dolph Ziggler, Dolph Ziggler with a massive Superkick apparently sending him out of the ring. Dolph Ziggler sent Otis through the ring post, Dolph pulled him back to the ring and located another Superkick for the cover but kicked out at 1. Dolph gripped Otis into his arms while Otis was down on his knee, Otis broke the arms and sent Dolph through the second turnbuckle and then a big Closeline. Otis into the corner ripping Ziggler apart, again Otis forcing Dolph to hit the turnbuckle and then lift him on his back to threw him tossing through the ring.

Otis tracked him from behind and then launched him through the barricade, Otis took him back into the ring but we saw a Sonya Deville distracting Otis while Dolph was down, Dolph took the advantage with low Blow on Otis from behind later we saw Mandy stepping to the ring and attacked at Deville. She went in the ring to revenge Dolph with a low blow and then Otis had his move to win the match.

Ater the match Mandy and Otis stood tall in the ring to celebrate the victory, suddenly we saw Otis lifting Mandy into his lap and then Mandy moved to have kissed on Otis.

9. Aleister Black defeated Bobby Leshley.

ALeister Black moved towards the ring as for the first and then followed by Bobby Lashley with Lana. The bail rang and Aleister Black tried to lock Bobby with handlock, Lashey with a big face burst on Aleister, Bobby went to hit Black but had the rope down to send him out of the ring. Black looked to jump on Bobby but bobby escaped it while Black had the safe landing. Bobby with a Backdrop and then hit him through the barricade. Both the competitors in the ring, Bobby looked for running power slam but could not make it up, Bobby with a Powerslam on Balck and went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Bobby Lashey went black and blue with Aleister hitting the bunch of Backdrops, Lana was right there to instruct Bobby out of the ring, Black took the control in the match by sending him tossing through the ring rope and then launched himself on Bobby to take down, Bobby returned to ring for the quest of some more kicks, finally, Aleister had a Black mass on Bobby to win the match.

10. Drew McIntyre was challenged by Big Show aftermath

We saw an aftermath unseen championship match between Big Show and Drew McIntyre, we saw Drew was out in the ring just right after he defeated Brock Lensar, Drew explained the actual truth that what he felt while having a fight with Brock Lesnar. He said I could imagine the anger in Brock Lesnar's eys when he walked out the ring, I heard Paul Heyman saying, Brock Lesnar to launch F5 so Drew could not get up. and this thing anger me more fight batter. Drew nears the camera and said thanks to Pual Heyman, Drew said every F5 from Brock Lesnar kept me angered and then I ended up landing 4 Claymore to capture the title.

Meanwhile, we saw Big Show walking down the ring with the referee in his grip, Big Show congratulated Drew for his victory over Brock Lensar, Meanwhile, saw Big Show laying down the challenge at the spur of the moment, Big said He is not going to fight him at Money In The Bank not at Raw, but he has got the referee with me so let's get it done tonight. Drew McIntyre denied picking the fight presenting the explanation that he just won the championship and it is celebration time for him. Big enraged him saying that "you are scared of me"

Meanwhile, Big Show slept Drew, apparently getting prepared to defend his title against Big Show at the same night. Big Show looked dominative in the match with the hit of Powerslams in order to capture the title but every time Drew had kick-out and finally Drew had a single Claymore Kick to win the match.

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