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WWE Top 10 shocking confession over pregnancy

Updated On: Tue Mar 31, 2020 By Anfostar Team


Photo Credit:- wwe.com

In the recent update of WWE, which shows you top 10 astonishing confession over pregnancy in the WWE history. it was quite interesting to go through and watch previous Monday night raw, November 11, where Lana confessed to being pregnant although it was a trap to set Rusev on the offensive side and that's what allowed Bobby Lashley to enter in the ring and beat down Rusev, so without putting you anymore in unconscious and distract you from what you want, i will dash off all those shocking pregnancy confession in WWE history right below:

1. The very first is of Maria Kanellis, where she confessed her pregnancy at the point of Becky's heading to beat her.

2. Here you meet with Kelly Kelly as her confession in the ring while having a conversation.

3. Miss Hancock, she left David at the alter assuming that she is pregnant but you are not the father.

4. Terry Runnells reaved to being pregnant but was left in the lurch by babby's daddy.

5. Leta, something surprising came out of it when Kane appeared on the screen possessioning to babby's daddy but not to Matt.

6. Stephane McMahon, she confessed it when triple H denied renewing their wedding vows /

7. Lana, Finally, something came out of the fallacy from Lana.

8.Mae Young, Mark Henry was involved to make a pregnancy announcement.

9. Trish Stratus, she addressed crowed that she will be delivering a little Stratusfaction.

10. Here we let you meet the last structure of Maryse and mizz's confession on the ring.

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