WWE Top 5 Brutal Attacks Of The Month ( December, 2019 )

Anfostar Team Wed Jan 01, 2020
WWE Top 5 Brutal Attacks Of The Month ( December, 2019 )
Well, the year is end with less expected more acquired moments. now it's time to choose some of the best moments of the month, the position holder who keeps the right to be named the best one. Today we are going to lead you month's top 5 once-going-twice-coming attacks.

1. 1. Rusev picks the red card against Bobby to interrupt the marriage

We saw four interruptions in Bobby and Lana's marriage first it appeared a man walking out to the ring and said he objects, this wedding is a sham and should not continue. The guy shocked everyone when he said that he is Lana's first husband. he said he and Lana got married the day she turned 18. He took out some offensive words saying that she left him for that...Rusev. Lashley gripped the guy to send him hard into the mat. Then the guy went out of the ring and The Officiant asked them is there anyone else who opposes the marriage. The Officiant was going to call them husband and wife but there was someone who interrupted them again and she claimed that she is the first wife fo Bobby Lashley.

Next, it brought out Liv Morgan she said this can't go on. The love of her life is right there. she would not have made it through this year if it weren't for their love. She came to WWE a lost soul, a wild teen who came to WWE. She noted that "Lashley has never touched this woman in his entire life, he's not sure what she's talking about. Liv questioned Lana why she's doing this, you don't love him.. Lana launched the salp unless she could say something again. They started crying on the apron and gave a push to brawl, immediately Referees came out to break the fight.

After settling the matter The officiant went on reading and he was just going to pronounce them, husband and wife, but Rusev came out of the cake and he started beating him black and blue Rusev sent Lashley with a Machka Kick. This was how to live marriage could not become successful.

2. AOP strike over Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe

A few weeks ago we saw Seth Rollins challenged Rey Mysterio for a title match but match fell on DQ as AOP came to disrupt Rey and caused the match to the dismissal. they dragged Rey Mysterio to the end stage and cleared out the Commentary box where Samoa was setting who denied to get up from there, he prepared to fight with AOP but got stopped by Seth but it was just a trick from Seth Rollins as he ordered AOP to finish him, soon after accepting the order they sent Samoa Joe through the announce table and that's how Raw went off the air.

3. Roman Reigns attacks Baron Corbin twice

The final 2019 SmackDown got started with the entrance of Daniel Bryan who is out for the Triple Threat match, meanwhile, The Big Dog attacked The King as he suddenly appeared out in the Arena, he was fired up to beat down Baron, later he went for the Superman punch on King and got him forced to flee from there. he was got to be in the training room, he was uncomplet to fight Triple Threat match and that's how the match was taken to ahead because of the king Corbin.

4. Seth Rollins gives a brutal harm on Rey Mysterio

A Gauntlet Match between Humberto Carrillo, R-Truth, Ricochet, Andrade, Tozawa, and Matt Hardy to determine a new #1 contender to Rey Mysterio fell on the no results as Humberto suffered a vicious injury from Andrade. During the match, Andrade launched a crosse kick out of the ring on concrete. He was unable to move, seeing this destruction Rey Mysterio appeared on the stage pushing Andrade back out of the Arena. Humberto still lame to get back in the match and that's how the contest was called out to be of no result. Humberto took away by the doctors.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins came out with AOP and a stick which Rey gave to Kevin Owens to beat down Seth Rollins and suddenly started beating him down. Seth spotted getting up on Rey to say Rey Mysterio that An EYE for an EYE, a TOOTH for a TOOTH, but that's not me...I am a merciful leader. Seth said this is the stick you resolved to give Kevin Owens to beat me. He said tonight is his lucky night, he's going to spare Rey. Rollins says Rey owes him one for this He then turned his face to the rame but not without delivering a Stomp on Rey to keep him down.

5. King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler bark back at Roman Reigns with a humiliating assault

promises are to be broken but not for King Corbin & Ziggler cuffed Reigns to the ring post and showered with one of the most humiliating attacks in WWE history for Roman Reigns After the contest King carried away Roman to make him fell in the hell. The Big Dog was made defenseless by shackling him to the ring post and showered dog food on Big Dog which definitely would have added salt to the insult.

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