WWE Top Backstage news : CM Punk returns to WWE Backstage joining with King Corbin

Anfostar Team Wed Dec 11, 2019
WWE Top Backstage news : CM Punk returns to WWE Backstage joining with  King Corbin
CM Puck has returned to WWE Backstage for the second time since he left WWE in-Ring action. It has been confessed that this time he will be resuming hosting duties alongside Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. A few weeks ago CM Punk made his appearance on WWE Backstage but nothing got confirmed that whether he could join or not. Reportedly news went into the air that CM Punk will join Backstage for the second time with Seth Rollins but he went under the process of denying. Now reportedly he has come back on backstage, joining with King Corbin and Paige.

Renee Young also took her twitter to share her talk about The Special guest King Corbin. She waged the matter about Roman Reigns that how he was humiliated by him. She wrote_ "Got a question for the king? Send em my way. And not just about dog food. I already wrote that down on my cue card".

Let's read-out they have to say as special

King Corbin on replying to Rock's Bottom

Most recently King Corbin confronted The Rock in Ring along with "The Man" so nothing was waiting for Booker T to ask that how did you felt there sanding with Rock in the ring. On replying the question, he said that It was truly a great moment because I got to share the ring with an icon I mean if you Are ever around him there just something about him that makes you go this guy you have no clue who he is if you are walking into the room and say who is that guy? due to special. It was a cool moment to ben in the ring and even The Rock Bottom people's elbow and his one of the best ever on the mic. there there are few like this. E best dudes ever. lastly but the least he said "now I owe him a beating"

CM Punk on making an about plane Lana and Rusev on-going divorce process

Punk said "They have a match, they have a blow-off, "I don't think Rusev wants to be involved with Lana anymore on-screen. So, Lana and Bobby go off and go do their thing, but eventually, she grinds on the nerves of Bobby gets sick of Lana and He leaves Lana too, they have another divorce. She gets another tag team to go after Bobby and Rusev, who have become best friends because they have that familiar ex-wife. "It's mutual ground" they become drinking buddies and a new tag team with Lana in tow go after them at WrestleMania, and put Lana in a shark cage because by the WrestleMania the new tag team is already so sick of Lana ok!! that the loser of the match keeps thinking that what's in the shark cage.

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