WWE Top 5 Longest Combined Reigning SmackDown Women's Champions

Anfostar Team Mon Jul 13, 2020
WWE Top 5 Longest Combined Reigning SmackDown Women's Champions
WWE SmackDown Women's Championship is a woman's special World Championship. officially being propagated by WWE, currently occupied by Smackdown, introduced in 2016. It is one of the top singles championships for women among WWE's three main brands, along with the WWE Raw Women's Championship on Raw and the NXT Women's Championship on NXT. The current champion is Bayley, who is in her second reign.

It is surely being the effect of the brand split which was subsequently changed after Bayley won women's championship and the championship was titled as the Smackdown women's championship. We have gone through many ups and down taking the concern of women in the division. It was first occupied by Becky Lynch who has held the title for 216 days in her 3 combined reigns. Charlotte Flair is the only woman to hold the title for five times although her last two reigns were of a short time, 193 as to sump up. Now Bayley has become the longest-reigning smackdown women's champion, pilling up 219+ days in her second reigns.


Frist reign: 140 days

second reign: 275+ days

Total Reign Days: 415+ days

Becky Lynch

Frist reign: 84 days

second reign: 91 days

Third reign: 41 days

Total Reign Days : 216 days

Charlotte Flair

Frist reign: 147 days

second reign: 28 days

Third reign: 13 days

Fouth reign: 4:55 seconds

Fifth reign: 5 days

Total Reign Days : 193 days


Frist reign: 9 days

second reign: 140 days

Total Reign Days : 149 days


Frist reign: 131 days

Total Reign Days : 131 days

Be sure to know that the following card was last updated on July 13, 2020.

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