WWE Top Longest Reigning Raw Women's Champions Of The All-Time

Anfostar Team Tue May 26, 2020
WWE Top Longest Reigning Raw Women's Champions Of The All-Time
The winner takes the odds and dots to survive as the champion and you have to face phenomenal ones who come your way to snatch that opportunity and when you get out as the winner by defending you championship them it makes you a longest-standing champion. Currently, Becky Is the WWE Raw Women's champion who is in her first reigns she defeated Ronda Rosy and Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 35

A winner takes all triple threat matches for both the Raw and SmackDown championship. Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks are holding the deadlock to claim the most reigning champion as for the 4 times. Becky has become the first wrestler to record the reign by holding it more than 400+

Becky Lynch

Reign : 1 time

1. WrestleMania 35

Date won : April 8, 2019

Reign Time : 398+ days

Defeated Charlotte Flair and previous champion Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35 in a winner takes all triple threat match in which Flair also defended her SmackDown Women's Championship.

Ronda Rousey

Reign : 1 time

1. SummerSlam

Date : August 19, 2018

Reign Time : 232 days

Alexa Bliss

Reign : 3 time

1. Raw

Date : August 28, 2017

Reign Time : 223 days

Charlotte Flair

Reign : 4 times

1. WrestleMania 32

Date : April 3, 2016

Reign Time : 133 days

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