We can get to see Some Good and some Bad things on last Wwe Friday Night Smackdown of 28th July 2023

Jekesh Jangir Sat Jul 29, 2023
We can get to see Some Good and some Bad things on last Wwe Friday Night Smackdown of 28th July 2023

The episode of WWE SmackDown was great.  Through this show, WWE furthered the storylines for the SummerSlam 2023 premium live event.  Some good matches and segments were booked in the episode.

 There were many things in the episode of SmackDown, which the fans liked very much.  Also, on some occasions everyone had to be a little disappointed.  So in this article, we are going to discuss 2 good and 2 bad things about this week's episode of WWE SmackDown.

#1. The good thing about WWE SmackDown: The Bloodline storyline

 The Bloodline storyline was taken forward in a nice way in the episode of WWE SmackDown.  WWE started the show with a segment featuring Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.  Both targeted each other.  The later backstage segment with Jay Uso and Grayson Waller also proved to be strong.

 Jay Uso and Grayson Waller got a chance to come face to face in the main event.  This match was good in terms of wrestling.  Jey Uso gets the win and he has gained momentum in a great way.  After the match, Roman Reigns and Solo Sequoia worsened Jay's condition.  Both the beginning and end of the show won the hearts of the fans.

 #1. Bad thing: Women's Tag Team Champions lost

 Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green captured the Women's Tag Team Championship just a week ago.  Both the wrestlers have impressed in the past few months and that is why they now have the chance to become champions.  However, the way WWE booked Deville and Green on SmackDown was disappointing.

 Despite being champions, both the wrestlers had to face defeat.  Making the Women's Division Champions look weak to further the feud between Blair and Flair is not the right decision at all.  WWE has definitely made a big mistake in this matter.

#2. Good Thing: Booking L.A. Night

 LA Knight is getting tremendous support from the fans.  Knight has always impressed but he was not getting better bookings.  Knight was booked as a top star on SmackDown.  In fact, Knight interrupted and insulted the segment of Hit Row.

 He later faced Ashante Adonis of this faction.  Despite the interference, Knight didn't lose momentum and scored a big win.  Knight was booked on SmackDown as a true megastar.  Looks like Knight is now ready to make it big.

 #2. Bad thing: The feud between AJ Styles and Karion Cross is not over

 For a long time, there has been animosity between AJ Styles and Carrion Cross.  Initially the fans were interested in it but now all the fans are getting bored.  WWE is clearly not booking AJ Styles and The OC on the basis of their talents.

 On the episode of SmackDown, Carrion Kross defeated Karl Anderson and attacked Anderson again after the match.  Styles and The OC came and chased away Cross.  Clearly WWE has indicated that the feud will still continue.  It's a disappointing thing to drag out this storyline.

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