What Will Be The Ultimate Conclusion Between Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jun 26, 2020
What Will Be The Ultimate Conclusion Between Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman
Last week we went back to another Firefly Fun House segment with Bray Wyatt's return. Wyatt kicked off asking if we missed him. Because he missed us. Bray Wyatt explained to us that how he spent his days, like learning TikTok and learning to knit.

Then we were reminded back to the match between Wyatt and Braun Strowman at Money In The Bank event, Bray said he did lose to Strowman but he realized he went about this the wrong way. He's known Braun for a long time. Meanwhile, Braun Strowman made the interruption out of nowhere.

Strowman said Bray had his chance and failed. No more games. This story between the two of them is over. Wyatt put laughter and said his story may be over but... he wasn't lying about resurrecting the dead. Wyatt said our story is just getting started. We see flashbacks to the old days and vignettes of The Wyatt Family in the swamp. Wyatt is dressed how he was in the FCW days. He said Strowman looks as if he's seen a ghost.

Wyatt added, he created Braun so it's his duty to destroy him. Wyatt said Strowman knows where to find him... all he has to do is follow the buzzards. Wyatt lift up his lantern. Wyatt blew out the lantern and said him to run.

There is no doubt that they will have the confrontation once again, but one thing that could leave this segment without happening then it will be Coronavirus. Recently, Renee Young and Kayla have tested positive for COVID-19 which has left many to wonder that there could be more wrestler who could test positive for Coronavirus.

WWE is also not included other segments in their preview, instead, they have settled a special tribute to The Undertaker where they will air Boneyard Match.

This is one of the concerns that could leave most of the superstars to appear on tonight's SmackDown.

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