What is Bhakti Yoga?

Anfostar Team Thu Sep 22, 2022
What is Bhakti Yoga?
What is Bhakti Yoga?

This yoga is useful for the person with emotional and loving nature.

He wants to love God and takes shelter and uses all kinds of rituals, flowers, scents, beautiful temples and idols etc.

Love is a fundamental and universal emotion.

If a person is afraid of death, it means that he is in love with his life. If a person is more selfish it means that he loves selfishness. A person may have special love for his wife or son etc.

From this type of love comes fear, hatred or grief.

If this love is with God, then he becomes the liberator.

As attachment to God increases, attachment to mortal worldly things decreases. As long as a man meditates on God with a selfish motive, he does not come under the purview of Bhakti Yoga.

Para-Bhakti comes under Bhakti Yoga in which there is no other desire except liberation. Bhaktiyoga teaches that one should love God and good because doing so is a good thing, and not for the sake of getting heaven or for the fulfillment of progeny, wealth or any other wish.

He teaches that the greatest reward of love is love and that God Himself is the embodiment of love.

The best definition of Bhakti Yoga is given in Vishnu Purana (1-20-19).

''Oh God! As the ignorant people have a deep love for the perishable objects of the enjoyment of the senses, so should I have love for you, and in remembering you it should never be far from my heart." Teaches to offer bhakti-arghya - e.g., creator, maintainer, omnipotent, omnipresent etc. The highest phrase that can describe God, the most imaginative that the human mind can grasp about God, is that 'God is the embodiment of love'.

Wherever there is love, it is God. When the husband kisses the wife, then there is God in that kiss. When the mother gives milk to the child, she is God in this love.

When two friends join hands, then that God is present there as the loving God. The love for God is also manifested in helping mankind. This is the teaching of Bhakti Yoga.

Bhakti-yoga also expects the qualities of self-control, non-violence, honesty, sincerity, etc.

from the devotee because selfless love is not possible without purity of mind.

For the initial devotion, an imaginary image or idol of some form of God (such as an idol of Durga, an idol of Shiva, an idol of Rama, an idol of Krishna, an idol of Ganesha etc.) is made the basis of reverence. But it is needed only by ordinary people.

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